IMO, The reverend is speaking of the lowering of the national consciousness 
which invites confusion, and  conflict in the national priorities..




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 John, what Graham calls *judgement* is what our tradition refers to as the 
result of adharma. Dharma being righteousness, which creates a kavach that 
gives health and prosperity to a people and a nation. Adharma is the absence of 
dharma which destroys and removes that orderliness(kavach) that created that 
health and prosperity resulting in chaos and calamity . 


 Maharishi spoke numerous times about such a phenomena, as does the Bible. Its 
spoken about in the story of the flood. It's hinted at in the story of Sodom 
and Gomorrah and spoken about in the book of Deuteronomy.
 Washington referred to it in his inaugural speech as I posted last night.

Johnathan Cahn has been writing about the Harbingers forewarning of these 

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 Yes, Reverend Graham thinks so   In other words, the handwriting is on the 
wall to judge this nation. http://https//






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