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 ya know.... they say life's a bitch and then you die.

  If our only choice is Hillary or Trump, how can you say America ISN"T under 

 That implies there is a judger, someone greater than ourselves who makes the 
rules and enforces them. I personally believe we create our own circumstances 
based on choices and our ability to actually think and choose. Trump will not 
be an accident (and Hillary I can live with). Trump is someone created by the 
people. He couldn't have gotten this far in the election process alone, believe 
me. It takes an asshole like him and enough others to put him where he is now - 
poised to possibly take the White House but being the optimist I am I still say 
Hillary will be Prez. Are you actually going to vote for Trump now that Cruz 
has come to his senses, Mike? Please say "no". I suggest you write in "Daffy 
Duck" instead.

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