And at the end of the day, TM is still just "yoga lite." Folks need to try the real stuff. ;-)

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I have to agree here. Nobody, at least on this forum, knows everything Guru Dev taught. He was said to be a master of all yogas.I feel pretty confident that even Maharishi would admit that he didn't know everything Guru Dev knew. BTW, it's said that Maharishi gave entirely different mantras to Indians based on their family deity, at least at one time.

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You are merely speculating about a topic you don't know anything about - without sufficient information at hand.

I received a mantra with omkara from SSRS in 1998. I asked a Sankhya-Yoga scholar (a former TM teacher) about it and he pointed out that it was a traditional polysyllabic maha-mantra and was perfectly acceptable in the view of the Shankaracharya tradition (sampradaya).

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