noun: intense or violent pain and struggle, especially accompanying birth, 
death, or great change.

 "he convulsed in his death throes"
 pangs, spasms, torment,
 literary travail
 "the throes of childbirth"

 The last few days I been sitting with my mother-in-law with her as she is 
dying and is very much in the throes of death.

 A type of a saint, she is a totally good and effective person in life the kind 
of person who always brings good to and out of people everywhere she goes.  She 
is the kind of person Ollie points to here as a cultivated person by virtue of 
how it is expressed in life.  A life well lived.  

 She recently turned a robust 96 and just a little while ago had some small 
strokes or bleeds in her head that sent her through to hospital emergency rooms 
and thence neurology but was able to return home to her assisted living 
quarters.  Small bleeds continued and she declined to a level where hospice was 
engaged for her.  

 She is down to the end and it is not easy at all.  Head, joints, muscle 
strictures, eyes everything.   She is in the throes of death.  Thank the 
Unified Field for morphine and such.  

 Is interesting to see how a public concern now over abuse of prescription 
narcotics has complicated the use of drugs to mitigate extreme pain.  Pain 
receptors and balancing preserving a conscious life, physiological life, a 
comfort without suffering, and yet not intentionally over-dosing, until finally 
the heart stops its work.  "Thy last expiring agony,
 Thy fainting pangs and bloody sweat.

  Her work is not over yet tonight.  Maybe tomorrow.  

   And let this feeble body fail,
 And let it faint or die;
 My soul shall quit this mournful vale,
 And soar to worlds on high,


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