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 Well, unfortunately it's either Pyscho-Trump or Crooked Hillary! Most 
Republicans didn't want Trump but he attracted enough blue collar Democrats, 
Independents and a just  enough Republicans to get the nomination, since the 
field of candidates was originally divided by 17.
  The Democrats apparently are selecting Crooked Hillary but just barely, since 
a very large minority just wanted to go all the way and nominate an avowed 
Socialist. Conservatives have been saying all along that the Democrats are 
Socialists that won't admit it.

 So, the election boils down to *who do you hate/fear the most*. I predict that 
Crooked Hillary wins that distinction, which makes Psycho-Trump the president.

 Can't wait for the real campaigning to begin. It will be like a Quentin 
Tarantino movie.

 The "crooked Hillary" theme is just so boring and repetitive. If you think 
Hillary is "crooked" then I am not sure what adjective we can apply to Trump 
whose entire life is a big fat manipulation and lie. He skitters right off of 
the grid, past the place where it is measurable by any instrument yet invented. 
Add to that what lies between his ears and what doesn't exist within his chest 
cavity and you have a real sociopath on your hands. We all do. But, I firmly 
believe he will never become President. 

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 This guy knows no bounds when it comes to looking out for number 1 - Donald 
Trump. And his role in the undocumented Polish workers is beyond hypocritical. 
And this is the man so many Republicans think can lead the country into 
something "great". The world's greatest mystery: how anyone could possibly not 
see what this guy is made of. Are people really this gullible and bad judges of 
character? Apparently.



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