“It’s like surfing, 
   we don’t fight the wave, we ride the wave.”

Millennials Can Find Inner Peace 
With Transcendental Meditation:
The increased ability to choose is one of the greatest privileges we experience 
as a generation, but it has also proven to be a major source of stress. So 
let’s make things easier for those of you who can’t choose — cut out the 
numerous other methods of meditation and try Transcendental Meditation, a 
simple and natural way to quiet the mind. The word transcend simply means “to 
go beyond,” which is exactly what TM teaches. Sarah Anderson, a certified TM 
specialist and long-time teacher, says the driving goal of TM is “to allow the 
mind to experience thought at quieter and quieter until we experience the 
source of thought: quietness or unboundedness.” That may sound like a state 
that could only be achieved through great effort, but Anderson explains that 
the benefits of TM manifest when someone learns to not try:
 “It’s like surfing, 
   we don’t fight the wave, we ride the wave.”
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t   e n j o y

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