He's one who is leaving....now, if only Mitch McConnell would skedaddle off to 
retirement.  I don't care who they are—I'd vote a two term limit in the Senate 
in a heartbeat.  

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 What hurt Romney regarding his taxes, more than being slow to release them, 
was Dirty Harry"s lie that Romney had not paid his taxes in ten years.
 Last year when Harry Reid was asked about that lie , he said *Well, he didn't 
get elected.*
 I guess  to him the end justifies the means.

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   Ha.  He'll never disclose his returns.  He ain't who he says he is, that 
much is for certain.  Voters would be very interested in reading them, I'm 

 In an interview with the Associated Press, presumptive Republican nominee 
Donald Trump revealed that he will not release any of his tax returns 
 before election day. 
 Previously, Trump blamed an ongoing audit for his failure to release returns, 
an excuse that was questioned by tax experts 
 As recently as Sunday, Trump pledged to release the returns “as fast as the 
auditors finish 
 Last October, Trump said he would release his tax returns once Hillary Clinton 
released her emails 
Now, Trump adds that he’s not planning to release them because “there’s nothing 
to learn from them 
 and voters aren’t interested in the information.
 The announcement is a sharp break from historical precedent. Although the 
number of years for which they’ve released tax returns vary, every party 
nominee since 1976 has released some. Fifteen years of Hillary Clinton’s tax 
returns are available online 

 In January 2012, Trump told Greta Van Sustren that Romney “was hurt really 
very badly 
 by his initial refusal to release his tax returns. He advised Romney to 
“release them now.” 


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 If he's done anything illegal in regards to his tax returns, it is up to the 
IRS to prosecute him. If he hasn't done anything illegal, technically, it's 
none of anybody's business. But not to worry, the Washington Post has twenty 
full time people assigned to dig up dirt and that's just the W.P. And of course 
Hillary has The New York Times to cover her every mistake. Should be an easy 
victory ofr Hillary... you'd think.


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 Yeah, to simplistically compare Venezuela's situation to the calls By Bernie 
Sanders to equalize the income in the US is suspicious at best. Venezuela has a 
single component economy, oil. Naturally with the oil markets in flux due to 
capitalist manipulation, the Venezuelan economy has suffered greatly.  

 The only solution in the US is to break up the big banks, and create a 
structure where the 90 percent now reserved for the ultra wealthy will be 
redistributed to the 90 percent who need it, with taxes to match. Let's reward 
a hard day's work with a decent wage. Even if Clinton somehow wins the 
election, this issue will only grow stronger. It is unstoppable. With the 
advent of instantaneous and pervasive communication, the days of those who have 
increased their wealth on the backs of the middle class are coming to an end. 
40 years with no increase in income is more than enough. 

 For decades the unprincipled capitalists have been playing a game with the 
American workers - How far can the golden goose be exploited and still lay the 
golden eggs, while starving? The wealthy now have their answer. The goose is 
dead, and the people want their country back. We continue to be a country of 
unimaginable wealth and resources. People have figured out that the crumbs 
under the table, are just that. Fuck the greedy bastards.

 Yes, but do you not find it the height of irony that it is Donald Trump who is 
promising the peasants a change of fortune on his watch? He will never come 
down from his rococo towers willingly. I wonder if we will ever get to see his 
tax returns. I predict he will never make them public, and I think he needs to 
disclose at least 5 year's worth, because he certainly won't do it before the 
election and after the election he will not be President so many of his dirty 
little secrets will never come to the light of day.
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 Looks like another Socialist experiment is failing 


 U.S. concern grows over possible Venezuela meltdown: officials By By Matt 
Spetalnick The United States is increasingly concerned about the potential for 
an economic and political meltdown in Venezu... 
 But at least everyone can share the misery equally!





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