FW: Dear Revered Friend of Maharishi University of Management:
 I am going to retire as President of Maharishi University of Management on 
Founder's Day, September 12th, after 36 years as President.
 I will be devoting my time to my duties as Prime Minister of the Global 
Country of World Peace, and as International President of Maharishi 
Universities of Management.
 I am proposing to the Board of Trustees that Raja John Hagelin be appointed as 
President of the University. He is tops in knowledge, both in science and 
Maharishi Vedic Science, a charismatic and inspiring figure, and has proven his 
administrative and marketing skills by increasing the number of people in the 
US learning Transcendental Meditation tenfold in just a few years.
 He has agreed that he is willing to do this, and I feel sure that the Board 
will support him in this role (he is already Honorary Chairman of the Board of 
Trustees, and the University's most senior faculty member, researcher, and 
public speaker). He has expressed his admiration for the existing faculty and 
administrative teams at the University who have vast experience, and feels with 
their help he will be able to manage everything well.
 He also says he already has ideas how to promote the University more, and 
attract more students, including building a closer relationship between 
Maharishi Foundation and Maharishi University of Management, and calling upon 
the skills and contacts of Dr. Bob Roth to raise the University's profile. This 
will also include greater promotion of the unique knowledge offered by the 
faculty of the University at special conferences Raja Hagelin will organize.
 He has also mentioned his desire to be able to consult with me on any issues 
that may come up, and I of course am very happy to do that.
 We will also bring out this change in the leadership during the Commencement 
ceremony on June 18th, without taking too much time.
 I do feel strongly that this is a great step of progress for Maharishi 
University of Management, and will lead to the faster expansion we all desire.
 Raja John Hagelin and I have had a chance to discuss this with Maharaja 
Adhiraj Rajaraam to gain his perspective, and he feels this is a very good move.
 Thank you all for your kindness and loving support through all the years! You 
have done and are doing so much for Maharishi University of Management and the 
whole world!!! Please continue your support and expand it if you can!
 With Best Wishes,
 Jai Guru Dev

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 News this morning, 
 ..a quick summary of today's letter from Bevan to the Trustees and Faculty 
(and of course many others):
 In his continuing role as Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, 
and as International President of Maharishi Universities of Management, Bevan 
is resigning from his presidency of MUM, effective this Sept 12 (Founder's 
Day). Raja John Hagelin has accepted the position.



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