‘Issues Management’ 


 A fair example for TM:

 “..But in this kind of a situation, there's a saying in our business. The 
three F's are involved - fowl up, 'fess up, fix up. And I think that the fowl 
up stage is pretty clear. And now it's time to 'fess up and now fix up.

 KELLY: So it sounds like if you were on this account, part of your strategy 
would be looking forward. Look at what's past as past.

 GRABOWSKI: Absolutely.
 KELLY: We're headed to the future.
 GRABOWSKI: There's always an apology involved. We're sorry we did this. It was 
a mistake. But then you move forward. You don't dwell on the mistake.
 KELLY: OK. So flush this out a little bit for me - how a good publicist goes 
about spinning this, particularly in a case like this, where, as we've said, 
Russia isn't denying that its athletes doped. The facts are out there. Where do 
you go next?
 GRABOWSKI: Well, see I - and I would take issue with the term spinning in this 
particular case because I think there's an acknowledgment that some mischief - 
some malfeasance occurred. They're explaining what they have been doing and 
what they're doing to correct it. And I think that that's where, you know, 
credibility's going to be tested.
 And then they have to look forward. You can trust us. We have learned our 
lesson. We're moving forward. It's classic. "

 For example,

 Russia Hires PR Firm Burson-Marsteller To Help Spin Doping Scandal 
 Russia Hires PR Firm Burson-Marsteller To Help Spin Dopi... 
 Russia's track and field program is banned from international competition 
because of a doping scandal. Mary Louise Kelly talks to Gene Grabowski, ...
 View on www.npr.org 
 Preview by Yahoo 

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 Untermyer: "Is not commercial credit based primarily upon money or property?"
Morgan: "No, sir, the first thing is character."
Untermyer: "Before money or property?"
Morgan: "Before money or anything else. Money cannot buy it."


 -December 1912, financier John Pierpont "J.P." Morgan testified in Washington 
before the Bank and Currency Committee of the House of Representatives 



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 Ethical behavior..
 Corporate 'VW' is another good example of how ethical behavior has now become 
a 'leading economic indicator'. Some poor 'moral reasoning' by some few and 
then billions of dollars in the balance in the market. 

 Given the high-speed of news in the internet era a culture of ethical 
standards and the consequent of both personal and corporate behavior it seems 
can not be ignored. Given a legacy evidently ethical standards and behavior is 
likely an important lesson for leadership study and re-set within TM, going 
forward. Have they really changed? It seems still quite opaque to see through. 


 “..did senior executives deliberately turn a blind eye?
 Mr Horn said that his own company in Germany deceived him, after failing to 
admit that the "cheat" was the reason there was such a discrepancy between 
laboratory tests and on-the-road performance.

 "It is wrong to put corporate profits before people," Mr Horn said, saying the 
software change was down to a "couple of engineers". 
 ..And this raises serious questions about an internal culture at VW that 
appears to have allowed an engineering department in Germany to operate in 
secret and outside the control of the business. 

 The second big lesson from yesterday came when Mr Horn laid the blame for VW's 
actions on "pressure in the system to get resolutions and also cost pressure" 

 What's more, it's emerging that VW executives may have been warned about the 
scam at least two years ago.
 In the US, lawyers are still seeking action against employees of General 
Motors some two years after the carmaker began recalling cars with dangerous 
ignition faults.
 If VW can't identify who knew what, aggressive lawyers may do so.”


 VW execs testify in US Congress:


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 "Ethics as A Leading Economic Indicator? What Went Wrong? ..” Would make a 
great title to a scholarly research paper around TM and the life-cycle of the 
TM movement. 




 Yesterday we had a big knowledge meeting and all the old-guard leaders were 
honored. Evidently a meeting of the minds going on in town now: Neil Patterson, 
the Wilsons, the Konhaus, Burks, several old Rajas brought on stage too. We 
sang happy birthday to Dr. Hagelin, heard from Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, was 
an impressive list of old movement trustee people listening via skype. Bevan 
led an old movement song and in fact he has a really nice singing voice. No 
third-generation meditators to be seen up front, heard from, or in the audience 
really. No evident change in leadership. People including the old meditating 
movement look on.


 RJW writes:
 Maybe I'm just not making the connection - is TM a flawed product? And, who 
exactly at GM was cast out?

 The press reports tell of 15 being fired from GM related to poor ethical 
behavior in the case of the bad ignition switches.  Evidently the firings 
followed in a line of responsibility from the ground up through management.  
The case is relevant to a foul ethical corporate culture within GM that the new 
generation CEO is working to cleanse. -Buck


 Either flawed product or organization seems to be what the TM neganauts like 
MJ here are driving at in public while within TM it seems no one much was 
thrown out for poor ethical standards or criminal activities.


 “His teaching was profoundly influential throughout

 India, particularly at the midpoint of the century. A compelling array of 
facts and
 arguments makes the case that Brahmananda Saraswati's influence extended far
 beyond India and persists to this day. Most obvious among these is the fact 
 he was the spiritual master of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

 Controversial almost from the beginning, Maharishi has been described
 both as a fraud and as the greatest saint to walk the earth in ten thousand 
 and everything in between. By nearly every measure he was the most prominent,
 and in that sense, most important guru to bring Eastern wisdom to the West. He
 has been universally acknowledged as a popularizer, but is less commonly
 appreciated for the extent to which he has disseminated the traditional Vedic
 knowledge of India.”
 -excerpts from the Introduction to The Sweet Teachings of the Blessed 
Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati

 Risking all? Seems like there are two stories. What he [Maharishi] did, and 
what he did. Did he throw it [his own legacy] all away on his risking for women 
and money?

 This last week the CEO of GM was before the public apologizing for gross 
unethical past behavior of people within GM. She acknowledged that there was an 
ethical failure of some individuals within GM and ethical shortcoming within 
the GM culture which failed in morality and decency owed others by not coming 
forward when some knew about unethical behavior going on. Standing before the 
public she declared this forthrightly, apologized, and then established that 
this was unacceptable going forward within GM and is to be corrected with a 
clear corporate published ethical code. Particular people at every level 
responsible for this particular breach of ethical behavior were cast out.

 It was a breath-taking week for change of culture within GM this last month or 
so. Wow! Om yes, a third generation GM employee, this CEO also in her business 
and law background has an education in ethics. Commentators are saying she is 
doing the textbook thing right now with turning the corporate culture of GM and 
dealing with the bad public fallout over the unethical behavior of some past GM 

  Thus far we have not seen anyone come forward and try this kind of overt 
cleansing with TM and its past by saying and leading with, “that we are not 
that past but we are this.. going forward”.  Like with GM, it will probably 
take a "Third Generation" TM meditator to do this for TM.  -Buck


 #mjackson74 writes:

 How bout this? A great man is one who doesn't lie, cheat and steal. A great 
man is one who doesn't claim to be celibate and then screw as many women as he 
can while admonishing his followers to be celibate so the women will be horny 
and more open to his sexual advances.


 A great man is one who does not take money under false pretenses. A great man 
is one who doesn't make up fanciful promises to his followers, promises which 
are never kept. A great man is one who helps others and doesn't rip others off 
with esoteric nonsense that not only doesn't work, but is actually harmful to 
many. That's a great man in my estimation.


 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Graphing the Illumined Batgap interviewees by 
   “..and in doing good to others.”
 “A great man is he who lives the awareness of Being in his daily life and has 
gained a state in which he naturally maintains his high status of eternal Being 
even when engaged in activity and in doing good to others.” -Maharishi 
 -Unity, Maharishi International University, A Hero's Journey 1991-1992 Yearbook



 I find that I place them all in to a scaled Cartesian coordinate graph with 
abiding-awakening running from the awakened-quietist up to awakened-pietist on 
the vertical axis as type by transformation, and then on the horizontal axis, 
the modality and/or a scale of organization or satsang around them. -Buck


 What becomes more unique and compelling about Batgap is [Rick's] being able to 
find and give voice to the abiding-awakened who are not necessarily well known, 
who are not professional or who have no organization around them.


 Fleetwood writes: Yes, that is the purported intent of Rick's site. It started 
out that way, but now has attracted all the people who make a living doing this 


 Rick usually draws out of the Batgap interviewees whether they have an 
abiding-awakening or not going on at face value. Like in a recent interview 
Rick had with someone who was a professional talker having written a slew of 
books on the divine feminine was pretty clearly not someone on the 
abiding-awakened list. It was an interesting talk and she clearly was practiced 
as a presenter talking about spiritual stuff who has had some peak or 
transcendent experience in her own past.

Turquoiseb asks: 

 Just as a question, Buck, into which of your categories would you place some 
of the people we've met on this forum who claim to either now or in the past be 
awakened/enlightened? For example, if they had been interviewed by Rick (and 
some of them were) into which categories would you assign Jim, Ravi, Robin, and 

 I'm fine with Jim and Rory having abiding awakenings to talk about.  The 
others seem to have something else going on.  That is old business.  


 What becomes more unique and compelling about Batgap is [Rick's] being able to 
find and give voice to the abiding-awakened who are not necessarily well known, 
who are not professional or who have no organization around them.

 "Feel free to give me category suggestions for specific individuals and I may 
implement them."

 The abiding-awakened are quiet-ists in nature, that is what they are teaching 
about by being interviewed on Batgap. So given that you are already looking to 
interview abiding-awakened people having Quietism or 'abiding-awakened' as a 
broad category of awakened is already assumed about the Batgap interviews. But 
then for the interviewees who are not spiritually awakened in abiding 
experience then having an area for speculators, scholars, writers and 
journalists mostly just talking about awakening separately from the established 
abiding-awakened would be fair warning. Beyond that it all becomes murky as 
like the Batgap categorical list is already become. Have your person doing the 
categorical index start over and straighten out what is going on. It is become 
an embarrassing mess that is dilute and less than useful,

 "Legal troubles? What might those be, pray tell?"
 Civil claim for Damages.  
 For some their placement and livelihood in this all is quite important.

 In a range and distribution of spiritual folks it would seem that some can 
become 'gurus' by virtue of just scholarship alone without even much abiding 
experience. Others by virtue of ability to teach and talk spiritual technique, 
or others with having an abiding spiritual transformational effect for others 
by spiritual field affect. Sat-gurus it would seems would be good at 
combinations in all three: 1)scholarly, 2)knowledgable and good with 
techniques, and 3) with field effect of spiritual healing and help in Being.

 Evident in a spectrum of spiritual practitioners : -Meditation teachers, 
-Subtle system teachers, -Ritam Bhara Pragya people; as analogous to the old 
Western demarcations, 'Quietism', 'Piety' and 'Inspiration' in typology: In 
making a range and distribution of illumined Batgap interviewees by type, just 
throwing these Batgap illumined people interviewed thus far on a scatter graph 
by their abiding experience and their spiritual affect on others, it seems some 
of the awakened are more proactive in affect as awakened practitioners or 
teachers, long time practiced at helping others spiritually or transformational 
for others also just by being of their field effect of presence lending 
spiritual coherence. Some of these are teachers in nature, while some may glow 
in the closet and watch.  And then comes along their degree of altruistic 
 More in line with a western scholarly discernment of spirituality and 
spiritual [the illumined/awakened] teachers, could be a spectrum of 
practitioners : -Meditation teachers, -Subtle system teachers, -Ritam Bhara 
Pragya people; as analogous to, 'Quietism', 'Piety' and 'Inspiration' in 

 See the related chapter on western mysticism in the 1891 scholarly monograph, 
The History of the Amana Society or Community of True Inspiration by Perkins 
and Wick in the link:

 Another example of the relative blending of spiritual typology is George Fox, 
a spiritual teacher promulgating quietism who early on was also a pietist in 
the pietistic sense of doing or working at energetic subtle system healing but 
then stopped doing that work publicly because it distracted people from what he 
was primarily teaching then in that era about a fundamental value of the 
spirituality of quietism in practice of inner silent meditation and then also 
the cultivating spiritual value of the field effect of group practice of 
meditation. Hence the early Society of Friends as a spiritual movement. Friends 
[Quakers] got in to a lot of trouble for that teaching from institutional 
formal and ideological religionists of that day.
 The mystic separatists who were the antecedence of Amana in America were 
inspirationist by spirituality type in practice and as a formed communal 
spiritual group employing also daily quietism in substantial silent 
transcendental meditative practice.

 One can find illumined people in satsanga teaching quietism and piety blended 
as meditational in guided chakra or subtle energy knowledge.  Someone like 
Ammachi is teaching and bringing pietism in the help she gives through the 
field effect of darshan and her spiritual practices as modalities to people's 
subtle systems. Her spiritual practices can fuse quietism [meditational] and 
subtle system spiritual work [piety]. As an illumined person Ammachi evidently 
is very much like the mystic person in modalities of Mother Ann, founder of the 
Shakers. Janet Sussman, also interviewed on Batgap is a great example of this 
blend too, adept at helping the subtle systems of folks while also being 
founded as a quietist.

 It seems that one does not see so many Ritam Bhara Pragya or 'inspired' people 
as modality as often; however, Connie Huebner, interviewed on Batgap, is a 
fabulous example of a classic school of inspiration teachers operating in Ritam 
Bhara Pragya, very much like the mystics of the old Amana Colony tradition 
going way back into a European lineage of mysticism.

 Someone like Francis Bennett more recently coming out now awakened on 
batgap.com it seems is teaching in a blush as a Quietist. Quietism is an 
earlier word to transcendentalism. Francis now it seems is one in old quietism 
like TM'ers are more narrowly of modern day transcendentalist quietism. 
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of course for his teaching of quietism is better known in 
his promulgation using transcendental meditation as modality. 

 Using these older established scholarly differentiation between Quietism, 
Piety, and Inspiration then discernment all becomes much more substantial as a 
means to looking at mystics, spiritual teachers and history this way.
 -Buck in the Dome


 More in line with western scholarly discernment of spirituality  [for 
individuals or groups] and spiritual [illumined/awakened] teachers, 'Quietism', 
'Piety' and 'Inspiration' in western typology become somewhat analogous to 
modern culture as,  -Meditation teachers, -Subtle system teachers, -Ritam Bhara 
Pragya people;   . -Buck

 In the west the categorization of spirituality technically falls in to 
'Quietism', 'Piety' and 'Inspiration'.  The Batgap interviews in a more 
scholarly way often fall nicely in to this typology when looked at this way. 
 Those would be safer demarcations to categorize by that could have some 
scholarly basis. Though as started on the current Batgap categorizations, 
different from the spirituality typology of these three established categories, 
the channel-ers seem to fall over in to their own different category of 
'spiritism'. That is fair and understandable.  

 Rick should get someone much more scholarly [with credentials] to discern and 
categorize the interviewees spiritually if Rick is going to publish a 
categorical list like that and not just let some earnest friend go work on it.  
 First, Rick really ought to pull the list from the Batgap page right now, back 
up and think about it some more before publishing some stoopid list that way it 
is growing now or he is looking at all kinds of legal troubles for Batgap and 
himself. Kindly,
 -Buck in the Dome
 Yes, I noticed the attempt at categorization on Batgap. It is lame. -Buck

 sharelong60 writes:

 Buck, a friend is working on Rick's categories at his request and I'll forward 
your comments to him.
   In range and distribution of illumined Batgap interviewees by types, just 
throwing these Batgap illumined people interviewed thus far on a scatter graph 
by their experience and spiritual affect on others, it seems observable that 
some of the awakened are more proactive in affect as teachers, some are long 
time practiced at helping others spiritually and/or transformational for others 
just by being of a field effect of presence. Some of them are teachers in 
nature of character, while some may glow in the closet and watch sort of like 
Harri by experience was for so long.  Others transformational in effect like a 
Janet Sussman also from childhood or Connie Huebner from younger or Ammachi 
from way back, yet different from glowing in the closet each in their lives 
have been engaged teaching in formats with spiritual experience, techniques and 
scholarship to be of help to others for much of their lives, Batgap is a 
fabulous oral archive around this range of spiritual possibility within 
humanity based on a scale of abiding experience and spiritual transformational 
affect.  It is useful for parsing to see them in a range and distribution of,  
Teachers -Gurus -Sat Gurus -Jagad Gurus by scale of transformational affect.   
 Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Note to Rick, Conderning his interview with Sam Harris
 As you get to Sam Harris, he evidently may be a fantastic intellectual but 
don't just give him free air time without finding out more about his spiritual 
experience inside his constructs of thinking.  -Buck in the Dome 

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