I guess early on the fetus is just a "tissue", and really, I am not sure what 
the term is when abortions are legal, but many of the images of abortions I 
have seen don't look like just a mass of "tissue". 

 I am not disputing a woman's right to choose, but it appears to often come 
with emotional turmoil.  A close associate of mine recently had an abortion.  
It was, in my opinion the right decision and she felt good about it, but now, 
several months later, she is struggling a bit emotionally.

 I would also have to say, that I don't think a fetus, from a spiritual 
perspective, is likely to have a "better luck next time" attitude about the 
whole event.  I believe there is a behind the scenes scenario that plays out 
whereby a soul prepares to reincarnate.  At what point that soul may enter, or 
take ownership of the fetus, I don't know.  Perhaps, if I had a better 
understanding of that more esoteric aspect of "it", I would have a better idea 
of what, if any, are the unseen implications of an abortion.

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 Go ahead and stand on your soapbox, Mike.  Stand there all day if you like!  
It's time for me to get off mine. :)  Seems to me that the population of the 
planet is not suffering in the least from a woman's right to abortion!   

 Yes, birth control, in the sense that the tissue is not be allowed to continue 
growing into a human being.  Her body, her decision.  Period.  The decision is 
made by the woman for the good of the woman and of the potential child.  That's 
the way I see it, hands down.  As a woman and the mother, she should retain the 
*right* to make that decision.    

 I'm all for birth control to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, make no mistake.  

 Maybe you'll be reincarnated as a woman next time around and will get the 
opportunity to be a mother too. 

 I don't know when the soul enters the body, so to speak.  I truly, deep in my 
heart, do not consider it a problem.  If there is a loving God/Creator spirit, 
I am perfectly comfortable with the idea that the soul returns to Source, no 
harm done.  

 There is no *blame* involved, Mike.  God, you sound judgmental!  Have a better 
day!  Thanks for the conversation.  
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 Well, at least you've admitted, though indirectly, that most abortions are 
birth control. Unacceptable. Too many ways to prevent it in the first place. In 
your mind, at what point does one become a sentient being? I think Nancy Pelosi 
says "not until *it* leaves the hospital.
 The blame rests with the person choosing to have the abortion, unless she's 
forced to have one.

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   Long day Mike?  Of course the newborn can live on its own.  After all, it 
has been "born!"  If the babe is not cared for, it will die, but that's not 
what we're talking about here.  Most abortions occur before 8 weeks gestation - 
a collection of cells barely beginning to form into tissue.  "Murder" is the 
premeditated taking of a human being's life.  No human being there, Mike.  
Simply the potential - many things go wrong.   

 Ultimately, Mike, you blame the mother in all cases—whether she aborts in 
accordance with her free will and belief system and/or economic or married 
state—or, if she has the child, and finds herself unsupported in a myriad of 
ways and in need of help. You kick her and her child both, who you choose to 
legitimize as a child and revere only in the "unborn" state (kids are so much 
easier to deal with when unborn!) to the curb, and then sit on the sidelines 
and judge and mock and resent having any responsibility for as a member of our 
society and go even further and suggest she should get her tubes tied!   


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 You say that " there is no way to consider the termination of a being that can 
not live on it's own as murder.'
  Do you think the courts would find a mother guilty of murder if she took her 
new born child, who could not live on it's own, out into the desert and left it 
to die or drowned it, knowing full well what she was doing?


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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] This is what Amerika's gonna be...

   That is a step in the right direction, though you are hanging out with the 
wrong deity if they consider abortion to be murder. You say the mother is being 
selfish. Fine, let her be selfish. There is no way to consider the termination 
of a being that cannot live on its own, "murder". It has never been so defined. 
Not in the courts, nor the holy books of any religion, including all of the 
sects of Christianity. It is NEVER called "murder". 

 This equation is a new fiction created by those who are attempting to impose 
their will on others. It is a weak and sleazy way to operate, and very cynical 
of humanity in general, as if in 2016 the average person cannot figure out what 
is best for them, unless someone misinterprets the Bible and starts calling 
abortion, "murder", to dishonestly game that issue. 

 So, calling abortion "murder", is based solely on imagination, without any 
basis in science or scripture. Fantasy. A very offensive way to operate when 
you seek to impose such a fantasy on others. These crazy thoughts equating 
abortion to murder are to be shared in a congregation perhaps, but they have no 
business whatsoever being expressed publicly, except as freedom of speech. 
Abortion as Murder? Absolute hogwash. Shame on you, and those who perpetuate 
such a ridiculous idea, seeking to impose it on others in the name of God. 
Blasphemy is all that is.

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 Ollie, one can get hung up in *religion* or hung up in a relationship with the 
Almighty. Scripture can help you do either one.I'll take the relationship one.

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 Yep, I understand your point, Mike. If I believed as you do, what you have 
written below, I would feel quite a commitment to "save" others also. I mean 
that with all respect for your faith. Equally so, I hope you can accept that I 
see it as opinion and interpretation, even the biblical prophet bit that many 
accept as truth with a capital "T". Sounds like a great way to answer every 
question - for yourself and others so inclined. 

 However, there are many many paths to God, and yours is simply one of them. 
Please let the rest of us find our own way too. It is eminently possible to 
live a good, moral, God loving life, without the Christian faith, or any of 
them, actually. There is also no universal requirement to take Jesus Christ as 
one's savior, though he apparently serves in that role for quite a few people. 
I am not knocking it, just saying that this is not a *requirement* for a 
spiritually oriented life.

 I see any religion as more a personal preference, though exposure to religion 
is very useful, so that we have a choice to adopt a strong identification with 
it, or not. Religion also exposes us to the many ways we can approach God, for 
example, prayer, hymns, and meditating. At this time in my life, I choose not 
to follow (or oppose) any religion, and focus my efforts on directly enjoying 
God's creation, instead. No subtitles.:-)

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 BTW Ollie,a Biblical Prophet is one who is ordained by God Almighty to be His 
spokesperson. This verse clearly says that Jeremiah is God's messenger to the 
Gentiles, the Nations, non Jews. He clearly says that it is He that forms us in 
our mothers womb and that He knew you before He started and that He has a plan 
for your life. If you interfere in that plan by killing someone that He is 
creating for His purposes, that is the ultimate evil. That is Satanic/Demonic.

 Isaiah says  *woe*, that is great grief, suffering and trouble for those that 
can't distinguish right from wrong and confuse the two.
 Karma's a bitch!

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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] This is what Amerika's gonna be...

 You quote Samuel Clemence and I quote the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

 You brought up religion with your justifications of abortion and deeming 
interference with a woman's right to choose as sin. 
My original argument was purely constitutional.


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 "Man is kind enough when he is not excited by religion" - Mark Twain


 ---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <mdixon.6569@...> wrote :

 JEREMIAH 1:5  I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you 
were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.
 Abortion is clearly not life sustaining or supporting.
 ISAIAH 5:20 Woe unto those that call good bad and bad good.

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 It is clearly the woman's vessel that carries the embryo until it is born as a 
human being, and she certainly has the inalienable right to treat that embryo 
any way she chooses to, including the choice to get rid of it. No harm, no 
foul, no sin, and no problem, unless the men decide to make it one, which of 
course goes against the will of God. 


 So you see, by opposing a woman's right to an abortion it is you who commits 
the sin, by denying her freedom. Those preaching this anti-abortion message are 
the great sinners, the ones that deny God the freedom he gave each of us. So, 
Mike, please go forth and sin no more. Men denying women the right to an 
abortion is clearly a massive sin under God, and always will be. There will 
never be a sane justification to do so.

 By the same token, a woman choosing an abortion for whatever reason is 
sinless, and will always be. The notion of sin doesn't even enter into such an 
action. It is completely morally justified and a very very personal choice, 
needing no interference from the self-righteous and anti-social elements in 
this country. This argument that it is "murder" is so crazy, and designed for 
maximum guilt-tripping. How can something unable to exist in the world be 
murdered? Makes no sense, and is simply mental gymnastics employed for this 
repressive thinking. More medieval thinking.

 It amazes me that this is even an issue in 2016. 

 ---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <mdixon.6569@...> wrote :

 No Ollie, it's not OK. "We hold these truths to be self evident, that ALL men 
are are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain 
unalienable rights, among them are *LIFE*, Liberty and the pursuit of 
happiness." OK?

 It's not her body. That can be proven with a simple DNA test.


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   Yo, those two objects between your legs are referred to as "testicles", not 
"ovaries", so I hate to break it to you, but you will never be able to give 
birth, or have an abortion. Therefore your opinion on abortion is about as 
meaningless as if you had one on breast pumps. Nothing personal, but I think it 
is a good idea if we each stick to opinions on our own equipment, period. 
Otherwise, it just sounds mean-spirited, sexist, anti-social, arrogant, 
selfish, and dictatorial, OK?

 The other side of that single parent coin: Yeah, there is a breakdown of the 
family, in line with stagnation of wages, union busting, jobs going overseas, 
the economic destruction of the middle class, etc. making the option for a 
stay-at-home parent very difficult, or impossible. Once both parents were 
required to work, it became much more difficult to raise families - day care is 
very expensive.  
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 Chill Anne, nobody blamed Hillary for kids being screwed up.
  Of course dead beat dads share the blame. They are the ones producing the 
overwhelming majority of these punks that get in trouble and end up in prison.
 Chances are, they never had any significant part in raising the kid, 
monetarily or guidance wise.

 As for the moms, many probably aren't much better than either of the girls in 
the video. Again, because they never had adequate guidance growing up from mom 
or dad.
 Of course, they have ample access to birth control these days, even the big 
*A*(abortion) that I'm 100% against. There's no excuse for 50% or better  of 
children being born out of wedlock and then expecting society to raise them 
while mom keeps knocking out more of the same and continues to compound the 

 But then, I guess we can always blame McDonalds and Burger King for not 
raising the minimum wage to $15.

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 Well... it already is and she's not president  yet.
 I don't know what people expect when you have so many kids growing up in 
single parent households. It's kind of a jungle, survival of the fittest. Kids 
like this usually are never taught any kind of effective nonviolent conflict 
resolution. They grow up with a minimum of supervision, lacking authority 
figures close to them to teach them social skills. As they grow up, they 
produce the same, if not worse. It's a vicious downward cycle that's becoming 
more and more the norm. I guess TM taught in schools might offer some help to 
these kids but the trick is, that they need to want to do it. Most of these 
kids seem to lack any kind of self discipline. Sitting down for 15-20 minutes 
twice a day might be more than they can handle and for the most part, too 
fucking boring. Hell, they could be beating up some kid, taking their lunch 
money and buying a dime bag!


 Good Lord, I think I've woken up to a FFL that has really lost its mind this 
time... Yes, let's blame Hillary for this and blame single-parent families for 
ignorant children or those who act out, become hellions. Of course, you seem to 
assume  that most single-parent families are headed by women (those good-for 
nothing deadbeat dads just love to run off and knock up someone else while high 
on some drug or other) - so let's add their lack of parenting ability to the 

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