I'm willing to bet you a theoretical amount in FFL raam of the said amount for 
the fun of it.  So, let me get it straight what you're saying.  You're saying 
that ISIS will not fall to the coalition forces in Iraq and Syria.  Is that 




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 There's no need to bet.  Everyone here on the forum can watch the development 
in Iraq and Syria to see the fall of the IS caliphate.  This is how I interpret 
the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Scorpio.

 There are others, like Trump, who believe that a collapse of the global 
financial system is to happen in 2016.  Carde posted a video yesterday 
explaining the collapse because of mortgage derivatives.  Everyone should watch 
that clip as well.

 Of the two scenarios, the fall of  the  Islamic State is more likely to occur.


 Aw, c'mon, let's bet $500 on the ISIS thing - put your money where you faith 
and predictions lie. I'm good for it.

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