Anne has spoken : "I am also in the Never Trump fold and will remain so if it 
is the last thing I do." 

 "Trump is so full of shit."

 "Trump has awakened and validated within a certain segment of the American 
population an anger and a hatred which will cause untold damage to everyone. He 
has thrown fertilizer on the seeds of prejudice and racial hatred . . . There 
has to be a fight, a stand taken against tyranny and madness."


 Anne, entertain this fantasy: 

 Election Day has come and Trump has won by a narrow margin.

 But what's this? A press conference is called in Washington. 

 The elders of the Republican and Democratic parties appear and announce that 
desperate times require desperate measures : 

 " The security and stability of the Republic demand that democracy is 
temporarily suspended.

 A Trump presidency would be a disaster for our great country. The revelations 
of the prophetess Canuck Annie on FFL predict in gory detail the disasters in 
store if Trump is allowed to take office. 

 Therefore the two great political parties of these United States have decided 
to form a coalition administration and appoint a well-respected Republican 
senator as President and an esteemed Democratic senator as Vice-President.

We are determined to rise to the unprecedented challenges that face us and will 
not shirk our duty. We ask all patriotic citizens to remain calm and show us 
their support at this difficult time in the life of our nation. " 

 You get the idea.

 Now in that situation would you support the coalition? 
 Or would you (reluctantly) raise the banner for Trump?



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