Fan or not, you're making excuses for the inexcusable. 



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 Judy, I'm no *fan* of Trump but I understand how he connects with those that 
are.  Just sayin'...

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   Mike, your posts aren't doing Trump any good, and they're trashing your own 

 Just saying...



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 As Maharishi used to say, "even a sick doctor can heal others". If Trump can 
identify problems in policy and have a reasonable remedy, he may be able to 
have a positive effect, as full of shit as he may be, personally. One of the 
reasons Trump has struck a note with the populace is that he calls a *spade* a 
*spade*. He identifies the problem and doesn't let political correctness 
prevent him from calling it out.He speaks what has always been  deemed 
*unspeakable* and it is a breath of fresh air to many when he does it. Just 
yesterday, he went on a tirade against the media and how dishonest and 
politically bias they are, something many people have recognized for decades, 
yet gave little voice to. He gives voice to what has been mulling around in 
people's minds but were afraid to say. It started with his stand on illegal 
immigration. He was nobody until he brought that up. He said Mexico isn't 
sending their *finest*. "they are sending murderers, rapists, drug dealers etc 
etc. Of course the media and Democrats spun it as *he is calling all Mexicans  
murderers, rapists and drug dealers*. And then you had an illegal alien  
criminal that had been deported 5 times shoot down a young woman in cold blood 
with no motive, while she was walking with her family in a public place and 
then stories like that started popping up all over the country. He identified a 
problem that no one would address. 




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