Trump and Coulter both appear to be part of a cadre of mean-spirited clowns, 
blowhards, and simpletons for the powers that be. Any time spent on them is 
another minute of air time filled, another left-hand turn into some 
manufactured absurdity, away from any issue that matters. They always gain 
power when people are angry and dissatisfied, ranting and raving about anything 
that will catch the public's ear, but always failing the test of setting 
something out that is sound and sustainable.  

 Emotional sound-byte popcorn is all they are, and about as useful. It doesn't 
make it any more fun that they are as you say, toxic. They drain people's 
energy with their negative ideas, and confuse them with their incoherent flood 
of crap. Aside from however they are dressed up, they remain mouthpieces of 
distraction, and vain little peacocks, doing anything to remain in front of the 
mirror, and therefore easily manipulated. 
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 Re "I find her [Ann Coulter] utterly loathsome" :

 She was on BBC Radio 4's "Today" programme last week. This has a celebrated 
reputation of hard-hitting interrogations by the presenters, so I thought: 
"Coulter is about to get her arse well and truly kicked." 

 Instead, Coulter started out with a sideswipe at the Jews and then pushed for 
an agenda that was borderline white nationalist. 

 The presenter was so taken aback by - and unprepared for - her onslaught that 
it was unintentionally funny. A real culture clash.

 The last exchange . . . 
 Reporter: "What happens if Trump loses?" 
 Coulter: "It's over. We'll be homesick for the rest of our lives."

 What is it with these people who think it's entertaining, desirable or clever 
to be as obnoxious and noxious as possible? Whoever gave them the idea that 
assholishness was interesting? The Ann Coulters and Trumps of the world need to 
get a clue and a grip. They went off the rails somewhere and are now drunk on 
their own power trips believing they are valued and listened to by others in a 
way that matters. Or perhaps they simply don't think anything amounts to 
anything worth a pinch of coonshit; that there are no consequences and that 
'bad behavior' is without ramifications. Ah, I have an idea - sociopaths. These 
scum-sucking dregs of humanity litter the place with their ugliness and spite. 
How dare they take up the space that a decent space heater or outhouse could 
occupy instead?





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 Trump has already done real, tangible harm to this country. As for Coulter, I 
disagree with you. She has developed a brand called "Ann Coulter" and that is 
what she parades around. She has invested in being obnoxious. Maybe she 
believes some of it at some level, but she is basically just  selling a product 
("Ann Coulter"), from which she profits. I find her utterly loathsome. 

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 Me neither option also. 

 I'm watching all the Trump stump shenanigans from a safe distance. I find him 
quite amusing but then I don't think he actually believes what he spouts. Do 
you think people used to say the same thing about Adolph?

 Now if Ann Coulter were to become President then I'd be worried. She is 
definitely not kidding. 




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 Seraphita and Sal:

 Neither. I don't like him so giving him a cheery wave would be hypocritical 
but he hasn't actually done anything wrong other than rub a few liberals up the 
wrong way so I wouldn't bother protesting.

 If he got into power and then started really screwing things up - not just for 
the US but everyone else too - and then wanted to come over and be friends then 
I might get out of bed for a protest but it's unlikely to be worth the bother. 
I think the presidents hands are largely tied and all his hot air will turn out 
to be just that. Not that he couldn't drag you under completely but every now 
and again a nation elects a leader that destroys them, probably some profound 
psycho-social reason for it too but I know not what.


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