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 Absolute Nazi esque propaganda, only worthy of the extreme left. Those were 
videos of the civil rights movement, overlaid  with Trump's voice speaking 
about people rudely interrupting another person's free speech,trying to shut it 

 No "extreme left" here Mike. This is Trump speaking. He is addressing those 
undesirables who dare make their voice or just their presence known at one of 
his "Nazi-esque propaganda" rallies. You can go back and watch or listen to him 
addressing the crowds, inciting them to handle these people roughly or to take 
their coats and throw them out into the cold. The guy is power drunk and very, 
very vicious.

  That is the exact context of what Trump was talking about. Individuals came 
to his rally, trying to shut down his free speech in a venue that he had paid 
for, for others wanting to hear him.

 No, many of these people were simply there to either hold a sign or in one 
case it was a Muslim woman who said nothing and was verbally abused just for 

  The big difference is Trump defending his guaranteed right to free speech 
while the protestors try to shut his free speech down.

 Not so much. Many just want to be able to voice their concern or their 
viewpoint, not "shut his free speech down", which in many cases is hate speech, 

  They had their opportunity to protest him across the street in their own 
gathering that nobody was trying to stop. Trying to associate his comments in a 
completely different context is absolute sleaze and anybody not involved knows 

 What? Attending a Trump rally when not a Trump supporter is "absolute sleaze"? 
Give me a break.

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 Anti-White protesters assault female Trump supporter with eggs in San Jose ... 
Anti-White protester assault female Trump supporter with eggs in front of San 
Jose 02/06/2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk_u24kyQ7Q


 No, this isn't why but some of those protesters were ugly yesterday, for sure. 
Trump will not be elected because as violent as these people are here, he is as 
violent or worse. Watch this, Mike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaQXYz_GN5w 



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