The Republican leadership blew it Big Time with their obstructionist stance, 
demonstrated by not even considering a Supreme Court nominee from "the Black 
President", and, "We'll just wait for the election, nearly a year away".

 Ha. It blew up in their faces like a cartoon firecracker. Made them look like 
a bunch of out of touch, overpaid dupes. Also helped usher in Trump, as he 
positions himself as Mr. Change, and these off-base attempts at pushing a 
radical right-wing and racist agenda in the Congress have sent their rating 
plummeting. Even the Koch brothers have drastically cut back on funding the 
politicians they have purchased.

 This was a serious miscalculation from the Republican power elite, and they 
know it. As for the 'ideological' argument, sure, that exists, but Mitch and 
his pillowcase buddies show their hand by the radical extent to which they take 
their attempts to block the President, as evidenced by this latest circus over 
*the current Supreme Court vacancy*, willing to let it languish, holding up the 
most important judicial decisions made for this country, over some melanin. Wow.
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 Oh c'mon Ollie, Everyone knows the Democrats were the party of the Ku Klux 
Klan, Jim Crow and segregation. They were the party of William Fulbright, 
Robert Byrd, Al Gore sr., George Wallace, Lester Maddox etc. Most people don't 
know that more Republicans voted for the Civil Rights legislation than 
Democrats, that it would not have passed without those Republican votes 

 Lincoln, who freed the slaves and gave them full citizenship, was a 
Republican, not a Democrat. President Eisenhower , who was a Republican, sent 
in federal troops to integrate Little Rock schools. 

 C'mon Ollie, you know McConnell and the Republican party opposes Obama 
ideologically, not racially.

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   LOL - Then Mitch and his buddies should have removed the pointy pillowcases 
from their heads, and acted like true representatives of this country, instead 
of racist goons afraid to trust a black man. They continue to obstruct the 
legitimate operation of the Federal government, and you want to blame Clinton, 
if she gets in? That's a new one.
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 If Hillary is elected, she'll appoint Supreme Court judges that will redefine 
the Second Amendment of the Constitution that allows the people to be armed. We 
could end up totally disarmed at some point, and  at the mercy of thugs, as 
they are in Europe. Maharishi used to say, "if your neighbor can't be quiet out 
of love and respect, let him be quiet out  of fear."First Symposium on the 
Science of Creative Intelligence, Amherst Massachusetts, 1971.  However, the 
context was in relationship to Nuclear arms and nations, but works on an 
individual level as well.


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 Vote for Trump to avoid e.g. this?

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