This is dishonest garbage, Mike. Not the first from you, but some of the worst. 

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 C'mon Judy, you've been a die hard Hillary supporter for years. You're saying 
she couldn't do what I'm suggesting if  she wanted? Of course she couldn't 
impose an outright ban on guns but...

 She couldn't name Supreme Court Justice candidates if she were elected? 

 It's a vast, right-wing, conspiracy thing all over again?
 Are you still convinced that the FBI is not investigating *her* but only the 
security of her Server?
  C'mon Judy.

 You hold a crucifix up to Dracula's face and he cries out "Sacrilege"as he 
turns away from it ! You speak the obvious truth about Hillary and Judy freaks 
and denies it.

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   You've gone right over the edge, Mike. I don't "know" any such thing, and I 
have no need to "cover" for her, because you're spouting the most amazing 
paranoid rubbish. She couldn't do what you're suggesting even if she wanted to.

 What you're pushing is a filthy, dangerous conspiracy by the NRA and gun 
manufacturers and dealers to frighten stupid, gullible people into buying more 
guns "before it's too late."

 Disgusting and shameful.



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 Not at all Judy and you know it. You're covering for her. She couldn't get 
elected if the average person knew that and you know that as well. It's no 
secret that the left wants American citizens disarmed. They keep trying to say 
that the second Amendment doesn't apply to citizens, that it applies to a *well 
regulated militia* that we don't need any more, that they were talking about 
muskets and muzzle loaders, not automatic and semi automatic weapons. They want 
us to be just like Europe and Australia. In fact they keep talking about how 
*more civilized* they are and they don't need guns.If you need protection, call 
a policeman.
 . They can't pass laws through legislation because nobody would vote for them, 
so they go the route of the courts.The problem they face is the Constitution 
and it's current interpretation by the majority of the Supreme Court. They want 
that changed to aid in creating a *gun free* society, like Europe and 
Australia. They use them as the standard.
  Hillary wouldn't stand a snowballs chance in Hell of being elected to 
anything if she ever openly advocating such nonsense.
Democrats know the removal of gun rights must be done incrementally until they 
can stack the Supreme Court to completely re-interpret  the Second Amendment to 
achieve their goals. Gun laws, as they stand, are rarely enforced to their max. 
They want more and more laws which they can then claim, just didn't get the job 
done.So we have to go the more drastic route of a total gun ban.

Hey Ann... you want a total gun ban, don't you?

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   This is utter nonsense, Mike. It's malicious, deceptive NRA propaganda.



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 If Hillary is elected, she'll appoint Supreme Court judges that will redefine 
the Second Amendment of the Constitution that allows the people to be armed. We 
could end up totally disarmed at some point, and  at the mercy of thugs, as 
they are in Europe. Maharishi used to say, "if your neighbor can't be quiet out 
of love and respect, let him be quiet out  of fear."First Symposium on the 
Science of Creative Intelligence, Amherst Massachusetts, 1971.  However, the 
context was in relationship to Nuclear arms and nations, but works on an 
individual level as well.


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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: This is Eggzactly why Trump will be elected

 Vote for Trump to avoid e.g. this?

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