Re "Kin to Gen. Robert E Lee":  


 Re your comment on the RoP thread: "Destroy all of the old cultures, 
religions, national borders, and national identities to remake the world.":

 I see that some philistine in Charlottesville has started a petition to remove 
the Robert E. Lee statue from Lee Park. That's the kind of Taliban-like attempt 
to eradicate our history that rather makes your point. 

 We've got similar vandals here in the UK and I have zero faith in our 
political class being prepared to stand up to them.






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 You can have a DNA test done. I think provides the service, about 
a hundred dollars. I had it done. It came back 57% Western European,22% Irish, 
17% Great Britain,3% Italy/Greece,1% Iberian, <1% Scandinavian.
 I always thought the Great Britain part to be more dominate. I only know of 
one German ancestor a couple of generations back.However,I began to realize 
that the Saxons and Normans were Western Europeans that invaded Britain and of 
course the Italian could have been of Roman origins settling in England. Of 
course the Vikings were there as well.

 The furthest back I have gotten in tracing the actual family tree has been mid 
1500's to William Dixon in or around London. The first generation to migrate to 
the colonies was Ambrose Dixon, a Quaker, around 1640 to James Virginia.

 No royalty here that I;m aware of but the rumor on my mother's side is that 
our Lea ancestors are kin to Gen. Robert E Lee back in England. R.E. Lee family 
tree claims to go back to Robert the Bruce some how.

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   When my father tried to trace back the roots of his family's line the 
farthest he could get back was the time of the French Revolution. I like to 
think we are descended from émigré Frog aristocracy.

 Our family's motto? "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" ("Let them eat cake" ).





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 I mentioned in an earlier post that while watching the new version of the mini 
series, Roots, that I noticed a person that I thought was an ancestor, Tom Lea, 
father of Chicken George.
 I did some genealogical research and found that I am a cousin of Chicken 
George. Lawd H'mercy!
 Turns out that he is a fifth cousin, twice removed, if I have it right.
 My fourth great grand father was the Rev. Luke Lea, originally from 
Spotsylvania Va., moved to Caswell county NC.His brother was Lt Major Lea, also 
of Caswell county NC.
 Lt Major Lea fathered Major Lea, who fathered Tom Lea. Tom Lea was Chicken 
George's father. Chicken George is Alex Haley's great or great great 



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