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 OK, though you are addressing something I didn't assert - that humans are 
inherently better, or closer to God, than animals are.  

 We have greater skills due to our tool creating ability, but that doesn't 
confer anything on us, except responsibility. This leveraging and increasing 
our power through technology gives us the capability to act in much worse ways 
than the animals, and also gives us a great responsibility as the stewards of 
this planet. Unlike a swallow who can only build a nest, or a bee that can only 
produce a hive, or a beaver that can only build a dam, every one of us humans 
can do all three...and then build a factory to produce thousands of each.  

 True enough. There is this term I remember from being at MIU, this 'dharma' 
thing. Can it be the dharma of human beings to be the builders of so many 
different things while, in nature, each animal has its own job, its particular 
and individual place in nature to do what it must to complete the whole? For 
one species, homo Sapiens, to take on so many aspects of altering and 
influencing the world - this seems in stark contrast to how the rest of nature 
works. Perhaps this is why we get into so much trouble, sticking our nose into 
things we have no business sticking it. (LOL)

 It is the inspiration of the animals' abilities, though, that brings about 
much of our creativity - flying is a great example. Humanity is not somehow 
better than the animals, but we do far exceed them in our ability to manipulate 
the environment, for better or worse, while pursuing and developing our 
individual and collective interests.

 Sure but this hardly makes us "higher". 

 Being human is the greatest challenge on earth, and an incredible gift to be 
born as such, simply because we can live our lives as we choose, without the 
constraints of already dwelling in a more limited form of perfection, as does 
everything else, the rocks, plants, and animals. We are also indebted at birth, 
like any living thing, to the laws governing this planet, and as human beings, 
this gives us unprecedented opportunities for learning, in all domains. If we 
are doing it right, this brings about feelings of joy, sadness, humility, 
challenge, concern, compassion, and wonder - did I miss any? :-)
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 Humans will always be higher order than animals, due to greater intelligence 
and adaptability. I do think it is fascinating that using such gifts we can 
emulate a state of awareness much lower than the animals too. It is that 
flexibility unique to our species that makes us top of the pile. The challenge 
appears to be to gain the acceptance of life and naturalness that animals have, 
while honoring our own birthright.

 I know that it is generally believed that homo sapiens are "higher" than any 
other creature on the planet but I think that belief is based on limited 
outlook. I also think it originated within the religious thinking that (guess 
who!) humans invented so naturally they'll place themselves highest on the 
evolutionary totem pole. But, for the sake of playing the Devil's Advocate, I 
don't experience human beings to be "higher" and I'll give just a smattering of 
reasons why. Can animals experience love, compassion, generosity and deep 
intelligence? Yes. Are they driven by greed, addiction, power lust and anger? 
No. Do they engage in war or mass decimation of either their own species or 
other species? No. Were they made by the same forces that created homo sapiens? 
Very likely. Do they possess life energy and consciousness? Yup. If there was 
such a thing as God would that God love his animals less than his evolved apes? 
Not in my estimation, no. The fact that our species can produce a Monet, a 
Beethoven or a Shakespeare is extraordinary but in the grand scheme (or farce) 
of things does an oil painting, a collection of musical notes or a sonnet prove 
we are better than an intricate dam built by the beaver, a swallow's nest made 
of mud and grass or a beehive made with perfect geometry? And just imagine, 
every beaver, every swallow and every honey bee can do this, not just the 
geniuses among their species.
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 These ISIS jihadists are the current manifestations of the asuras or devils in 
Nature.  They are  lower than   human beings, but are considered above animals 
in the Vedic hierarchy of creatures on earth.

 Bullshit, I'll take an animal any day. Animals are, much of the time, "above" 
human beings let alone these ISIS monsters. So, what makes a human so special? 
The fact that they, supposedly, can come to "know" God? Animals are born 
knowing God.

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 The methods they use to kill those that refuse to follow them are 
horrendous.They make the NAZIS seem like Boy scouts.


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 The current news say that ISIS jihadists are killing civilians in Fallujah.  
Also, if the Iraqi forces ever catch Al Baghdadi, the high priest of ISIS, 
alive,  they should charge him with crimes against humanity and hang him high 
just like Saddam Hussein.


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 Can I get a great big *Aloha Snickbar* for that?
 I think they also uncovered a mass grave of about 400 . 

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 It's a great victory for the Iraqi people.  But I'm afraid  the ISIS 
terrorists may be waiting to commit their last act of infamy when they're 
cornered to face imminent death and defeat.

 Town near Falluja "liberated" from Islamic State 
 Town near Falluja "liberated" from Islamic Sta... 
 Iraqi security forces and Shi'ite militia "liberate" Saqlawiya town from 
Islamic State militants, as the battle to recapture the nearby city of Falluj...

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