THE GLOBAL AND THE LOCAL: The jyotish astrological lowdown on Trump, Clinton, 
 THE GLOBAL AND THE LOCAL: The jyotish astrolo... 
Since this pertains to the future of the world, folks, I am giving you the real 
(astrological) lowdown on the US presidential hopefuls. 
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Currently, Trump has retrograde Jupiter and Rahu transiting Leo (as do we all.) 
For him, Leo rules the 10th House from Moon, and it is also his ascendant. This 
means Mr. Trump is going to be perceived as someone with unconventional wisdom 
that breaks the usual rules and regulations, and he will be wildly popular in 
his “workplace”. This will last till May 9th. After May 9th, he’ll still be 
perceived as a wise man, but by August, when Jupiter shifts to Virgo, his 
popularity will wane and he will be left with wanting more power, but getting 
only the emptiness of the big crowd that has vanished without a trace. His 
impressive wisdom will begin to seem like an illusion, although his 
unconventional speech will still mint him plenty of money (Jupiter will shift 
to his House of Wealth and House of Gains via ascendant and Moon chart, 
respectively). Perhaps a TV deal worth millions? 


 Ultimately, whether she will succeed in her Presidential bid or not will 
depend upon the strength of her planetary strengths. At the present moment, I 
see its good timing for Clinton because Saturn is transiting her 10th House of 
Profession. Saturn, however, is also engaged in Sixth House of Enemies, so any 
success she has is not going to come without effort. Unlike Trump’s, there’s no 
surprising and unpleasant rises and falls here--this is a solid chart of 
someone fortunate who will always have a good life. Jupiter in the quads with 
the Moon means she has a gajekesari yoga: the lion and the elephant yoga, which 
shows someone who will always have a fortunate, comfortable life.

 Khumba rashi is also ruled by Saturn, so Clinton is in a strong position to be 
running for President. The only problem for her, I foresee, might come from the 
fact Jupiter will enter Virgo, her 8th House (of humiliations, scandals etc) in 
August, and there might be more dirty laundry regarding Bill Clinton that 
people are going to start pulling out from the gutter once August rolls around. 
This will last for 1.5 years.

 Since Saturn is transiting her 10th House from Moon, she will still be in a 
strong position at work till at least November 2017, if not for another 10 
years or so.


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