Thanks - Yes, my experience makes it impossible for me to judge others by 
appearance, religion or national identity. Both saints and assholes are found 
in every race, culture, and faith, and I have no problem distinguishing between 
the two, regardless of whatever popular story is making the rounds. Each person 
according to their merit. Period. 
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 Utter crap. Why didn't the author of this study take a look at where the 
conflicts are occurring? Chances are when the US starts a war in a Muslim 
country, *the inhabitants will be involved*. What garbage this is. Bashing 
someone for fighting back on their soil? Next, let's get down on the US for 
declaring war on the Japanese when they attacked us first. You should be 
ashamed of yourself for spreading this xenophobic trash. 

 Thanks for being a voice. It seems, for example when I watch those flock to 
Trump, that there are some that relish the opportunity, any opportunity, to 
allow their baser characteristics to come out thanks to the prodding of someone 
like Trump. Similarly, these kinds of articles and those who pen them are 
trying to appeal to these less-than-savory characteristics in all of us. First, 
don't be manipulated (like all those Trump followers) and second, recognize 
what is ugly about oneself and, become self-aware and objective, and refuse to 
indulge in allowing those uglier things to take hold and surface. No matter how 
justified we believe we are in condemning an entire race or religion it just 
ain't ever gonna be true.

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 google translation from Swedish: 

 Muslims involved in 85% of the ongoing wars and conflicts. Although they 
represent only 23% of the world population. Of the 42 ongoing wars are only 
seven that does not involve Islam. A number of them without any Muslim 
involvement is also more or less completed, so the figure of 85% is even higher 
in reality. Ongoing war with more than 1,000 fatalities per year is 11 - but 
only two [without?] Muslim participation. Without this violent Islam would 
today's atrocious slaughter of civilian populations did not take place. Without 
Islam's persecution of "infidels" there would be 60 million refugees in the 
world. Half of these refugees are children.


 Without islam, this would be a fairly peaceful world.

 Hillary: Islaam is religion of peace!  LOL!

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