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 What if Hillary gets indicted? She's a war monger.  America is screwed any way 
you look at it.

 Call me crazy but very few women are "war mongers", it is not in their makeup 
or their genetics and Hillary is not blood thirsty. She is ambitious and driven 
but hers is not bloodlust.
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   Why bother? Trump's response to Orlando was awful. That's what you get when 
you nominate someone with no political experience. In addition to being a 
jackass and a charlatan, he is a rookie politician who has suddenly landed on 
the big stage and is way, way out of his depth. I see a landslide coming for 
Hillary. Unless the Republicans finally decide, at the last minute, to dump him 
as their candidate. They ought to. 
 Never Trump. Never ever. 

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 Wow! Trumps coming here tomorrow, might have to go. But probably too much 
traffic to get near.

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