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 It looks like some on this forum are attacking Mike. Probably one in ten 
Fairfield residents are armed with a hand gun or a rifle. Gun laws in Iowa 
allows people to carry, openly or concealed, any kind of weapon, so long as 
that weapon is not otherwise illegal to own in Iowa.

 No one is attacking Mike, we're having a conversation, Mr anonymous. Show your 
face, LOL. I'm a big believer in not hiding/posting behind fake names. My 
philosophy is - if it's important enough to say, it's important enough to put 
your real name behind it. But that's just me.

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 This post reminds me of the bad old days of FFL (actually, not too long ago), 
when TMers and people who live in Fairfield were subjected to daily, gratuitous 
attacks on this forum. Completely unnecessary and also stupid. 

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 Second Amendment aside, I still maintain it is healthy to let the populace own 
guns as it tends to thwart any idea of complete takeover by a coup d'etat 
(which some will maintain has already happened in the US and is taking it's 
time for complete takeover with replacement of the Constitution by the Patriot 
Act).  However nothing wrong with disallowing the ownership of automatic 
weapons.  Most folks here though probably don't know  the difference between an 
automatic and semi-automatic due to their sheltered lives as TM'ers and living 
in remote Fairfield.
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 "Well-Regulated" - Bearing Arms - Second Amendment, Well-Regulated We hear it 
constantly from droning citizen control cultists. The argument goes something 
like this. “You want to...

 Here you go.



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