Seems there are problems in the UK these days as reported by some of our members who live there. At the moment no one from Australia is posting here.

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And of course, we all know that the poor citizens of Australia and Britain, who are not permitted to own guns, are suffering under terrible tyrannical governments.

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Yes, if only the Jews had had a pistol or two lying around in their houses the Holocaust might never have happened!

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Feste, I don't know where you live but Fairfield is a quiet little town.
Try living in a major city where crime is rampant with armed robberies and home invasions. People have a right to defend themselves. Police can't do it. They just come and take a report. Take that to another level. The Jews, as well as the rest of Germany, were completely disarmed by the Nazis and the Nazis had their way with them.
 The last thing a tyrant wants is resistance.
The founding fathers of our country foresaw this and wanted the people armed and dangerous for any tyrant. They didn't want the people to fear the government, they wanted the government to fear the people. That is the primary reason for the second amendment.

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As far as Iowa is concerned, I remember reading a while back that the gun laws have been loosened. It used to be that if you wanted a concealed carry permit, you had to say why you needed it. Now, you just get issued with it, no questions asked, apparently.

In Fairfield, I doubt that there are many people who carry a concealed weapon. There is no need for such a thing here. I would like to ask such people what they are frightened of. I read another article based on some kind of research that pointed out that if people are in an environment where they know there are guns, they will be more tensed up and aggressive. I think that is likely among gun carriers too. They are ready to defend themselves, but in my view that is more likely to attract aggression from others rather than repel it.

Perhaps the 2nd Amendment served some useful purpose at some point in US history, but it has outlived its usefulness. I would repeal it and put an end to the romanticization of guns and gun violence, including the erroneous notion that you cannot be or feel safe unless you carry a gun.

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Sorry Feste, but that's the way the discussion was coming off, very shallow and uninformed. At least someone could have posted the what the gun laws are in the US to make for a more "informed" opinion. Even the Wikipedia entry would be sufficient though folks could look up the legislation for even more depth.

Such shallowness makes the denizens here look like "Eloi". I've been to Fairfield and know there is a fairly significant part of the population that no longer follows the TMO. They've moved on. Few of those post here.

One of the first things I heard on local talk radio was a journalist explain the difference between automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Also there was some puzzlement from military folks about how the Orlando gunman was able to kill 50 people without reloading clips multiple times giving an opportunity to jump him. This leads to speculation of a second gunman and a "staged event". Also Russ Baker, an investigative reporter, raises some issues about the shooter:

The mainstream media fictionalizes a lot of the news to fulfill the agenda of their wealthy owners.

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This post reminds me of the bad old days of FFL (actually, not too long ago), when TMers and people who live in Fairfield were subjected to daily, gratuitous attacks on this forum. Completely unnecessary and also stupid.

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Second Amendment aside, I still maintain it is healthy to let the populace own guns as it tends to thwart any idea of complete takeover by a coup d'etat (which some will maintain has already happened in the US and is taking it's time for complete takeover with replacement of the Constitution by the Patriot Act). However nothing wrong with disallowing the ownership of automatic weapons. Most folks here though probably don't know the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic due to their sheltered lives as TM'ers and living in remote Fairfield.

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        "Well-Regulated" - Bearing Arms - Second Amendment,

    We hear it constantly from droning citizen control cultists. The
    argument goes something like this. “You want to...


    Here you go.

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