The secret is out! I always suspected you were me, but I wasn't sure until 
now. Now I know for sure: Mason Dixon is Hondo Savage. It all makes perfect 
sense now. But the real revelation is that Judy is actually Barry - it's always 
been a conspiracy to get us all to confess, to reveal our secrets, so they 
could kick us out of the dome and off the program.

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   OK Judy, you got me. It's all a part of the *vast right wing conspiracy*. 
Hondo wasn't actually recruited. He's an alternate ego of mine. I've got many, 
right here on Fairfield life.
 Years ago the RNC and Billy Graham Crusade hired me to come in here and fuck 
with your mind.
 Barry... that was me.
 Wileytex, me also.
  As a matter of fact, three quarters of the people on this forum are me. I 
come in here and argue with myself all the time!

 Ann, S3raphita,Bhairitu, Hepa7, raunchydog.... all me!
 Every see those adds in the comments sections of articles posted on the 
internet: I made 129,000 dollars last years sitting in my home working at my 
 Hell, I'm not even Mike Dixon.


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   LOL. I'll let you stew in your curiosity.

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   And oh, BTW, Mike, you haven't said either way: Did you recruit him to FFL?
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 Nobody *has* to, Mike, and I never said they did; but usually they do. It's 
considered courteous. And I wasn't questioning why he posts anonymously. 
 I do think it's a little odd that just about everything he's posted so far has 
been links to right-wing articles, not connected to any ongoing discussion. FFL 
is not a forum just for discussion of right-wing politics. Occasionally it 
comes up, and in the context of such a discussion, people do sometimes post 
links to articles. But when someone *only* posts links to right-wing articles 
when no discussion of the topic is taking place, it doesn't quite seem to fit 
with the purpose of the forum.
 So I thought I'd give him a chance to talk about something else. But it seems 
clear you'd rather he didn't.
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 I just found it very amusing, Judy.I've never known anyone to have to explain 
why they are here or why they post. Nor do I question their motives or why they 
choose to post anonymously .However, since you seem to think that *I dug them 
up*, you seem to question their interests and motives for being here. Why is 
someone taking Mike's side? Are they really a Transcendental meditater? No... 
they couldn't be! Must be some right wing, Xtian evangelical. He must have 
*enlisted* someone to cover his back.
  Judy, you don't have to be liberal to be a meditater. One can be quite 
conservative and express conservative values and principals. Maharishi 
expressed quite conservative opinions .. at one time.


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   Well, that's not nice, Mike. I really don't know, that's why I was asking. 
Do you know the answers to my questions? It's pretty standard when someone new 
joins the forum that they introduce themselves and explain why they're here. 
Right? Or do you not want him to explain?
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   So, Anon_Alias, tell us something about your involvement with TM, and/or 
MUM, and/or Fairfield. What aspect of spirituality was it that drew you to this 
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 She may be the reason Trump gets elected.

 WASHINGTON (AP) — State Department staffers wrestled for weeks in December 
2010 over a serious technical problem that affected emails from then-Secretary 
Hillary Clinton's home email server, causing them to temporarily disable 
security features on the government's own systems, according to emails released 

 Emails: State Dept. scrambled on trouble on Clinton's server

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