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 FWIW, the last words of Wainamoinen (Väinämöinen; in Estonian Vanemuine: muni 
in the forest [vane]?? - naah, just kidding...), the Hero of the Kalevala and 
the original Siberian(?) shamanic religion of Finns, after Christ replaced Him, 
in about 1100 CE:

 As the years passed Wainamoinen
Recognized his waning powers,
Empty-handed, heavy-hearted,
Sang his farewell song to Northland,
To the people of Wainola;
Sang himself a boat of copper,
Beautiful his bark of magic;
At the helm sat the magician,
Sat the ancient wisdom-singer.
Westward, westward, sailed the hero
O'er the blue-back of the waters,
Singing as he left Wainola,
This his plaintive song and echo:
"Suns may rise and set in Suomi,


 Suomi = Finland; dialectal: suami, pronounced almost exactly like swami 
(svaamii), LOL!
 Sampo: no-one prolly knows for sure what it exactly was! Some kind of magic

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