These are *former agents*. They aren't assigned to anybody. 

 Also, what they're pissed about is the author having falsely inflated his 
status in the White House. They say he was low-ranking and wouldn't have been 
in a position to see what he claims to have seen.



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 I think the second paragraph says it all. It's their duty to *protect* the 
people they are assigned to.

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   Secret Service veterans denounce anti-Clinton tell-all book
 Secret Service veterans denounce anti-Clinton tell-al...
 Former agents blasted writer Gary Byrne for having "underlying motives."

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 "A blockbuster book set for release on Monday paints Hillary Clinton as a 
shrewish and paranoid monster during her time as America's first lady – so 
mercurial and antagonistic that some U.S. Secret Service personnel protecting 
her 'literally went mad'."

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