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 Do you ever wonder *why* industries move over seas? Cheaper labor, lower 
taxes, less regulation. Do you see the trend here? Fifteen an hour... minimum, 
even if your job is emptying garbage cans or flipping burgers.Next thing you 
know there will have to be a special french frying pension for a life time of 
service.Businesses need to pay their *fair share* of taxes so people can live 
on unemployment and can be sued at the drop of a hat and have to produce a 
lower *carbon foot print* for the *children*.

 BTW, I drive a Jeep Wrangler. Made in Ohio. My third one.

 Yes, but who are making the decisions to move overseas? Your fellow Americans 
(corporate decisions and business owners), that's who and that decision is 
driven by your other fellow American's need for cheap goods. Market determines 
outcome. Everyone needs to take responsibility for that.

 At one time the Wrangler was built in Ontario from 1986 until 1992 but it 
subsequently moved to the plant in Toledo.

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 Yeah, we should be doing a whole lot better. However, we've been shipping our 
manufacturing jobs over seas, fewer higher paying jobs here. We allow people to 
come here to take the lower paying jobs that seem to be beyond some people's 
*dignity* level, although food stamps, unemployment and welfare aren't. Where 
are those smart phones, smart TV's etc. made?
  We've become a debtor nation, borrowing to meet our needs and service 
oriented in what jobs remain.
  When God spoke to the children of Israel, He told them that if they followed 
His laws(in tune with dharma), that He would make them the head and not the 
tail, the lender, not the borrower, the master not the servant. In other words, 
fall out of dharma and you become the tail, the servant and a slave to your 
lender because you'll depend on him to meet your need.

 Any of this sound familiar?

 I always shake my head at you hypocrites. I work in retail and I see it all 
the time. I'll have two items that are virtually the same, let's say a pair or 
gloves or a sweater. One of them is made off shore and costs (retail) $50. The 
other one is made in the USA or Canada and it costs $95. Then the customer will 
start nattering away about not wanting to buy any of the cheap crap made in 
China and they don't like China's human rights track record and on and on. 
Meanwhile they're trying on the gloves or the sweater and they eventually look 
at the price tag. 99 times out of a 100 they will buy the less expensive item 

 So, guess what? When I talk to all of my wholesalers and company owners they 
tell me they simply have to take their products and have them made in less 
expensive countries because that is what the market wants and that they can't 
compete unless they do I understand how that could be. Every year another one 
of my suppliers knuckles under and takes their products to China or India or 
Vietnam to be manufactured because that is what the North American population 
wants when you get right down to what happens at the check out. You do it, I do 
it, virtually all of us do it. Do you ever check the labels of where your stuff 
is made? What kind of car do you drive? I know where every last one of my over 
6000 different products I carry in my store are made because I broker them all. 
American and Canadian companies have gone to other countries because the market 
has demanded it. 
 Who is the market? You and I. Who are many of the workers who have lost jobs 
due to outsourcing? The North Americans. But you can't have it both ways - you 
can't have a manufacturing job and still have your Costco's and your Walmarts 
and your electronics stores full of foreign-made and cheaper goods. 

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   The median home income should be way up, more women are making much more 
money at least until 2007, more two income families. More people in the world 
are much wealthier, China, South American countries. and there is a lot of neat 
things we have with tremendous value, smart phones for example, which we didn't 
have in 1973.  A lot of what wealthy people own is really at service to 
society, stocks in companies, but we do have to look at excessive use of 
natural resources, like ozone. 




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