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Comment from user:
I am investigating TM and would like to hear all sides.
There comes a small steady flow of folks joining FFL.  This person, for 
instance, just came in.  
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 There seems always a steady stream of folks joining FairfieldLife. Within the  
group application for membership that Yahoo sets up is a box where people give 
a reason for joining this group. 
 A number of applicants come in here having started TM and want to know more 
about TM and some are old TM'ers wanting to know more about Fairfield or want 
to know more about the the TM organization. 

 Mostly new FFL members seem to lurk the forum and evidently do not brave into 
the existing discussions. 

 This last week someone joined who was wanting to learn Transcendental 
Meditation, “To learn trancedental meditation”. 

 A few days ago someone forwarded a piece to the FFL owner e-mail address about 
someone leaving TM. 

 A forum elder posts on FFL, “I've never known anyone to have to explain why 
they are here or why they post. Nor do I question their motives or why they 
choose to post anonymously.”

 It's pretty standard when someone new joins the forum that they introduce 
themselves and explain why they're here.

 So, Anon_Alias, tell us something about your involvement with TM, and/or MUM, 
and/or Fairfield. What aspect of spirituality was it that drew you to this 

 Some are more evasive about why they want in 

 like Hondo Anon_Alias recently offering, “Discussion and questions”.



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