You guys have absolutely no idea what I was talking about. Just amazing. 



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 Of course sidereal ascendant statistics would be even more relevant.
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 Good catch.  I thought she meant 1/12 rather than 12 percent.  But in this 
particular case, I was not talking about astrology.  I was talking about the 
national debt and economics.

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   Annexing other countries ain't gonna happen, John. Out of the question. And 
you really need to lose your obsession with the national debt. It isn't a 
problem; it isn't like individual debt on a credit card.
 You know how people who don't know anything about astrology often focus on 
newspaper sun-sign columns as if they were important? That's because everybody 
knows their birthday, and it's dead easy to see which sun sign one is. But sun 
signs aren't really significant in one's horoscope, since 12 percent of the 
entire population of the world has the same sun sign.

 Where do you get 12 percent?  It is 8.3 percent if the populace were equally 
distributed in signs but according to statistics they aren't.  In the US the 
highest number is in Scorpio at about 9.6 % and lowest in Aquarius at 6.3 %.   
These are for the tropical zodiac. 
 Similarly, it seems to me, people who don't know much about economics focus on 
the national debt and the daily ups and downs of the Dow Jones. It's the same 
principle: It's dead easy to check the Dow Jones in the newspaper and to look 
up what the national debt is. But neither is very important. The national debt, 
if anything, is a political problem, not an economic problem, but that's 
because, again, of general ignorance of economics.

 There are many schools of economics and many schemes which haven't been tried.
 And nothing you say below about ISIS and jihadists challenges what I said 
about Trump "leading the US against radical Islam." It's pretty much a non 
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 The current chain of events in the world is too complicated for anyone to 
understand. However, if ISIS succeeds to make a "hit" on the US home turf, you 
will see a radical turnaround in the country's viewpoint.  I would suspect the 
"drums of war" to beat against ISIS and jihadists around the world.  Hello, Do 
you remember the 911 attack?

 Given the current national debt, the US is more prone to annexing other 
countries who want to join the American union of states.  On the other hand, 
there are many countries in the world, including those in Europe, which  would 
like to join the Union in order to stay competitive and viable in the global 
market, given the apparent weakness of European Union.  Also, historically, 
this is how the US has grown by acquiring territories by appropriating and 
purchasing lands from other countries, such as the Louisiana Purchase from 
France, the Mexican-American War, and the Alaska Land Purchase from Russia.

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 Oh, please, John. Trump isn't going to "lead the US against radical Islam." He 
doesn't have the *smarts* to carry out such a task. The situation in the Middle 
East is far, *far* too complicated for him to have any idea how to deal with 
it. And the idea of the US "annexing other countries" is simply ludicrous. 
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 If we're not careful, Americans could make Trump the most powerful man in the 
world, after he leads the US against radical Islam.  We already know that Trump 
has the Pitta body constitution and personality to carry out such a task.  The 
USA could end up annexing other countries as part of Union and become the World 
Government the individual man may or may not want.

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wrote :
 I kind of think we're already in a world war.  Civilization vs Radical Islam


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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Should The USA Declare War Against ISIS and Jihadists 
in the World?
   If Trump is elected president, he will push Congress for such a declaration. 
 But are Americans and the world ready for another world war?

 Kudlow on Trump’s two homers: Pence and a promise for a declaration of war 
 Kudlow on Trump’s two homers: Pence and a promi... Donald Trump hit two home 
runs this week, says Larry Kudlow.

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