Fair observation about perceptions,Yi.  TM has been made much more secular over 
on the David Lynch side of a teaching of TM.   By contrast with TM.org and all 
the add-ons it presents, the David Lynch-TM links consciously do not readily 
cross over to the Hindu side of ™.  This separation has been going better 
enough for the David Lynch side.  The ™.org  side evidently can struggle for 
new adherents with all that it has to represent as the package. The competitive 
marketplace for meditation it seems has become a very dogma-eat-dogma world.   


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 Yup! Actually Maharishi was very complementary about one Buddhist meditation 
technique, that I would call a mindfulness meditation. He liked their walking 
meditation. Putting the awareness on the feet as one foot lifts up and the 
other is set down or some such thing. He said it was good at developing 

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 Thx,....as a technique or group of techniques, mindfulness has nothing over TM 
in my experience. But as far as a popularity contest goes, mindfulness will 
probably win the war vs TM for one important reason: Although mindfulness is 
sometimes taught by Buddhist teachers, it can also be taught (and is) by 
instructions with no allegiance to any religion, philosophy, or ideology; and 
nor do they perform any rituals that have Hindu or Buddhist origins. - unlike 
the TM puja. incorporating the traditional Skt prayers. 
 For that reason, mindfulness is catching on among academics in certain 
universities in the Bay area, Boston, NY and upstate NY (which is the home of 
many Buddhist teachers who emigrated to the US). Among many departments in such 
Universities (say Stanford, UCB, etc), teaching techniques of meditation that 
have any connection whatsoever with Hindu rituals would not go over well with 
one's Dept Chairperson.
 Basically, Buddhism is more "chic", and mindfulness - though having Buddhist 
origins - is something that can be completely separated out from such origins 
and made acceptable to most academics.
 . Then, there's the question of secret mantras in TM..Everything involved with 
meditation techniques should be amenable to prompt explanation in terms of 
current science, particularly the burgeoning field of neurophysiology. 
Mindfulness is simply more amenable to scientific explanations devoid of 
anything that could possibly be labeled "woo-woo" (notwithstanding all of the 
slanted, biased, and questionable research coming out of MUM).

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 Resilience is defined nicely by the late Dr. Al Siebert as the “ability to 
cope well with high levels of ongoing disruptive change; to sustain good health 
and energy when under constant pressure; to bounce back easily from setbacks; 
to overcome adversities; to change to a new way of working and living when an 
old way is no longer possible; and to do all this without acting in 
dysfunctional or harmful ways.”2 
 Holistic wellness simply refers to the mind, body, and spirit connectivity. It 
requires both training and a leadership culture to support wellness of the 
whole person—physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual.


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 Yep, is interesting how Mindfulness has taken hold. What does Mindfulness have 
that TM does not?  
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 Featured on CNN: Looks like Mindfulness is beating out TM.  (no surprise!)

 Police Chief Magazine - View Article 
 Police Chief Magazine - View Article 
 The official publication of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

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