As householders we don't have much choice but to go full steam ahead - it's our 
karma in action, karma yoga. Much of the stress we sometimes experience is due 
to being unable to balance spiritual life with work life. 

 Apparently that's why the siddha yogis of ancient India invented tantra yoga - 
to bring work into the realm of spirit.

 Due to our karma, we are either bound or free If free, then there is need for 
an yoga; if bound, the question is, by what means can we free ourselves?

---In, <olliesedwuz@...> wrote :

 Yep, there are always trade-offs and challenges with any new technology. Not 
sure why this is a big deal. Sometimes it seems that the increased sensitivity 
growing from spiritual practices ends up making people weaker and more 
victimized, which is standing the whole thing on its head. The best way to 
integrate spiritual growth as a householder, is damn the torpedoes, full steam 
---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Mental chaos, of the Post-Modern World..


 Someone in Fairfield commenting  

 It depends on the situation but some can have a phenomenal amount of mental 
agitation.  Sometimes when I put my hands out and feel into their emotional 
body, there is such distress, So much that it throws them off balance. The 
distress throws them off, there is no coherence, it is just reactive and no 
feeling of alignment in the system.  Sometimes you will feel something, about 
how they were before like when they were children when they were younger and 
had more native alignment as children, but the agitation is pretty rough.  
 Q: This 'alignment', becomes an indicator of the continuum of spirituality, of 
spiritual well-being? 
 A: Yes, if there is no alignment it means the intelligence of the chakras is 
not coordinated, they are not really informing each other.  So, you have all 
these blocks. Certain chakras, often times the lower ones are sitting on the 
shelf, the hearts are cut off, the throats are cut off, they will have all this 
mental agitation in the mental field above.

 ..Ammachi spoke that it is by grace of nature (spiritual practice and good 
life) that we can be integrated and help ourselves spiritually as human beings. 


 93rd Psalm:

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Grace! 'Tis a charming sound,
 Harmonious to the ear;
 Heav'n with the echo shall resound,
 And all the earth shall hear.

 Grace first inscribed the way
 To save rebellious man;
 And all the steps that grace display,
 Which drew the wondrous plan.

 Grace taught my wand'ring feet
 To tread the heav'nly road.
 And all the steps that grace display,
 Which drew the wondrous plan.

 Grace all the work shall crown
 Through everlasting days;
 It lays in heav'n the top-most stone,
 And well deserves our praise.  


---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 No, Empty, Maharishi was very much working on this too in his last technique 
that he was developing in the last years of his life, the Ved and Physiology 
technique. This was a technique to cultivate the integration of the mental 
fields and subtle system fields in the body of the human physiology. With some 
awareness you could use all the Maharishi programs to do this.  Quite frankly 
if someone used all the venues of practices Maharishi offered the subtle system 
then one gets integrated into.. an integrated enlightenment of the spiritual 
system whole.  

 A month or so ago Dr. Antoine Nader, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, you may call 
him Tony Nader, was telling a group of us in the Dome that he would be teaching 
vibrational techniques related to this in the close future. 

 Very likely if the great sage and spiritual teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi were 
alive still today he would be commenting on the debasing spiritual influence in 
aggravated mental fields as a downside of the coming of the post-modern 
ubiquitous use of digital media devices throughout culture.   



Are you not substituting Ammachi's pronouncements for the clear statements of 

Why the duplicity? 


 Post-Modern Gadget/Product technologies.. 

 This past week in Chicago Ammachi in satsang there spoke to what she is seeing 
in people as she tours as a psycho-spiritual phenomena of disintegrating the 
human being spiritual subtle system by technology gadget.  She spoke to this in 
her homilies before and after the group meditations there.  That there is a 
world-wide problem in mental and environmental agitation now from electronic 
gadgets having becoming ubiquitous creating its own disabling dis-ease with a 
mental agitation within people world-wide.

 paraphrasing Ammachi's spiritual talks:

 ..That in cultural remedy to the spiritual disintegrating agitated values of 
this techno-gadget materialism people do need to be out in nature, plant 
gardens and trees, be with animals, walk out in nature, do their spiritual 
practices that stabilize their systems, and get away from their gadgets.  And, 
to help integrate themselves find points to help others. That this mental 
agitation of the subtle system is now a world-wide problem that must be tackled 
directly for everyone’s and the world's well-being.

 Post-Modern Gadget/Product technologies..

 Yep.  And product/gadget technologies that are destabilizing to the human 
system, without cultivated or deeper spiritual discernments of what the gadgets 
do to us..

 A lot of this cultural consumerism, materialism, itself seems to suffer from 
dis-integrated perspective by a general lacking in what evidently is in 
perspective of deeper spiritual experience.

 Yep, spiritual suffering in poor modeling, ignorance in poor spiritual 
education and guidance, and a consequent cultural lack of spiritual discipline. 

 Ah say, ah say .. there's just too much consumin' goin' on.

 It seemed to be a conspiracy to put as many people as possible into debt for 
wage slavery.  

 I think one of the problems is that we've become a consumer nation. Everybody 
has to have the latest gadget/technology now, whether they can afford it or 


 From: "Bhairitu noozguru@... [FairfieldLife]" <>
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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Feel The Burn
 What that means is the current standard of living is artificial and inflated 
because it is using too much credit putting people into debt.  Learned my 
lesson on this going into debt to do the TM-Sidhis course.  Quit the music gig 
I had to do another gig that fell through and that put me into financial 
straits for a couple years.  I learned to use credit wisely paying off the 
balance most the time unless I really do need to amortize something within my 
 Living in the SF Bay Area I could understand rising housing prices.  In 2000 
my apartment rent for a 1 bedroom den cost about as much as a house payment so 
bought a house instead.  Housing prices continued to go on the rise because 
many communities in the Bay Area blocked new housing.  But there was actually 
no reason for housing prices to rise across much of the US including in the 
small ho-dunk town I grew up in.  It seemed to be a conspiracy to put as many 
people as possible into debt for wage slavery.
 On 06/30/2016 02:39 PM, Mike Dixon mdixon.6569@... mailto:mdixon.6569@... 
[FairfieldLife] wrote:

   I think one of the problems is that we've become a consumer nation. 
Everybody has to have the latest gadget/technology now, whether they can afford 
it or not! So, they borrow and borrow to get what they want, end up in enormous 
debt. Nobody has any savings. Yeah, it revs up an economy but with nothing to 
run on once it's rev'd. Banks used to use peoples savings to lend and make 
their profits. Now there aren't any savings to use. They go to the Fed who just 
prints it up, making it worthless in the long run.
 Ah say, ah say .. there's just too much consumin' goin' on.

 From: "Bhairitu noozguru@... mailto:noozguru@... [FairfieldLife]" 
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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Feel The Burn

 The US economy has progressively become more and more lopsided in favor of the 
rich ever since the Reagan administration.  Improvements have not raised 
everyone's boat.  Some solutions are poor like raising the minimum wage won't 
help a lot since businesses will just increase their prices (usually way too 
much) to compensate.  
 Minimum wage jobs were intended for students and part time casual and 
unskilled workers.  Even then back in the day one could still rent a house (or 
even buy), afford a car, dine out, go to movies on a minimum wage income.  No 
more.  Greed took over.
 As far as I can see the only solution is a total economic collapse taking out 
the rich as well.  Basically a reboot of the economy.
 On 06/29/2016 10:11 PM, mailto:rajawilliamsmith@...rajawilliamsmith@... 
mailto:rajawilliamsmith@... [FairfieldLife] wrote:

   The median home income should be way up, more women are making much more 
money at least until 2007, more two income families. More people in the world 
are much wealthier, China, South American countries. and there is a lot of neat 
things we have with tremendous value, smart phones for example, which we didn't 
have in 1973.  A lot of what wealthy people own is really at service to 
society, stocks in companies, but we do have to look at excessive use of 
natural resources, like ozone. 






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