Doesn't matter much - HC is our next President...Hope you can stomach it.:-)
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 I don't do "strategic voting", I vote my conscience.  I didn't trust the 
Clintons in 1992.  They say one thing and do another.  They are status seekers 
and will burn down the world if it seeks their agenda.
 Right now I will be voting for "none of the above." ;-)
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   Until someone can do better, HC is the next Prez. So far, there's just a 
desert of sand on the other side. Clinton might turn out to be a very good 
President. I'd rather she be well connected and make her own decisions, than 
have that power co-opted away by advisors. The next President knows economic 
fairness is front and center, and will have to make that part of their agenda. 
Getting like-minded SC Justices on the Court, to overturn Citizens United would 
be a good thing too.
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 But do you notice who supports Clinton?  The long is of American oligarchs?  
Just what we need.  The continued status quo with the rich getting richer and 
public getting poorer.  How's that supposed to work out?
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   Its really not making much sense to hold up the record of the one candidate, 
former Secretary of State, Senator from New York, and First Lady, against that 
of a bankrupt golf course builder. I mean, really. What are people supposed to 
counter with? "His 17th hole was poorly designed, especially with my hook...". 

 Compared to Clinton, Trump is very small potatoes. Basically one of thousands 
of real estate developers, and not a very successful one at that. No way I want 
that ill-mouthed chump change for President. I'm going with the experienced 
one. This isn't a contest to see who can be more outrageous, it is serious 
business, something that continues to elude Mr. Trump.
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 It's hard enough for chronic liars to keep up with their lies. Imagine keeping 
up with them having dementia!

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   There’s some dementia all right, but it’s not Hillary:
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