Very misleading article. The dopey coach was asked repeatedly to not put the 
school district at risk for violation of state and federal law. "Kennedy's 
conduct poses a genuine risk that the district will be liable for violating the 
federal and state constitutional rights of students or others". 

He was first placed on PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE, and told he could have his 
job back at any time, as long as he complied with the district laws (like every 
other teacher in the district). He refused, and so lost his job. At first he 
complied, but a "religious rights organization" convinced him to go against 
state and federal law and pray anyway. The school had already offered this 
nobody a private place in which to pray, but again he had refused.

What an antisocial jerk and ego maniac. No one and I mean NO ONE would be on 
this twerps side if he was bowing to Mecca. He hides behind his bible and 
proclaims, "I am more special than the rest of you! I can do anything I want 
because I am a religious zealot". What a loser. They did the right thing by 
kicking his ass to the curb.
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 Christian football coach loses job after praying at games.  (he first prayed 
for some 15-20 sec after each game right on the 50 yard line; not privately).  
Then, team members joined in.  Coach Joe says it's all voluntary.
 No!  ....when your team members start engaging in group activities, whatever 
that may be (even "God" forbid - gang rapes), there's an incentive resulting 
from peer pressure to participate otherwise risk being shunned.
 I've seen the same phenomenon on real-life prison documentaries.  Prisoners 
sometimes are "encouraged" to pray in special sessions where they hold hands 
and praise God.  OK, fine; but try not attending the prayer group.  Next thing 
you'll get a shank in the gut for being a nonconformist.

 Joe Kennedy, praying high school football coach, sues district to get his job 
 Joe Kennedy, praying high school football coach, sues ...
 A former high school football coach has filed a federal lawsuit against a 
Washington state school district after he lost his job for praying on the 
50-yard li...

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