Doug, there is no science that tells us someone who meditates will make a 
better president than someone who doesn't. And while some who promote 
meditation may find whether presidential candidates meditate of interest,  it 
can't be said to be a matter of "public interest." The vast majority of voters 
couldn't care less. 



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 Simply on grounds of modern science and public interest we the public should 
know if our Presidential candidates have learned to meditate and practice 
meditation regularly:  

 Clinton, Trump, Jill Stein [Green Party}, and Gary Johnson [ Libertarian Party 
candidate] .


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 Thanks, this is still a fair line of postmodern era science question to ask 
the candidates. Are any of them meditators?  Actually there are four [major] 
candidates for US President.  


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 BTW, you can google Trump on TM and find that Ivanka learned TM and uses it. 
and Donald supports it for troops with PTSD.

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   You are appearing to be the standardbearers of the Antiquarian Party on this.

 Even the AMA recommends in their best practices now that people meditate.  If 
any of the candidates had once learned to meditate, now in the last 10 years 
have any of the four major party candidates had their meditation practice 
checked for effortlessness?  Sort of like candidates coming forward to show tax 
returns, they should not hold out on these questions. The science quite clearly 
indicates that this is all quite relevant to all our well-being. 

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 This is a rare area of agreement between Mike and me. There's no reason a 
presidential candidate should have a policy on meditation. 



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 Doug , Maharishi always used to say that meditation was a preparation for 
activity. Commuting to work, whether driving, taking a bus, biking, walking or 
taking  a train is activity used to stabilize pure awareness . The established 
routine was wake up, tend to bathroom needs, meditate, get dressed, have 
breakfast, go to work. Evening, go home, have a cocktail, then meditate and 
then dinner, (just threw the cocktail in for fun) chill the evening.
 No one has a *right* to be paid to meditate on company time and companies 
don't have an obligation to provide the time or space to tend to you personal 
spiritual growth, even if they may benefit from it. If a company offers these 
things as a perk, kudos to them. When companies start getting involved with 
these personal matters then the next thing you know, they'll be telling you 
which *denomination* of meditation you must practice, TM, Mindfulness, Kriya 
etc etc. Next thing you know every work place becomes a dome complete with 
badges to be handed out and taken away and we don't need no stinkin' badges!

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   Guaranteeing (facilitating) quiet time meditation in the workplace or within 
public education is a valid science question and US Presidential candidates in 
this postmodern age should have well prepared science-based public policy on 
this. This be Constitutional Bill of Rights and inalienable right endowed by 
God the Unified Field Declaration of Independence material. Where be Spare-egg 
when we need help elucidating the science on this?

 You are a meditator, and have seen or kept up on the modern science around 
meditation? Had your meditation checked for effortlessness in recent memory?


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 I'm not opposed to anyone meditating. On company time, while they are paying 
you? That is up to individual companies.

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 So in our consideration of this science and public policy question I am 
sensing in your response that you would not be opposed to meditating.

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 Any company can choose to do so if they want. It's not the governments 

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   Q Number One:  What would be your administration’s public health policy 
towards worker paid quiet time meditation in the workplace?


Are either of them meditators?   
 Would either of them support public school silence-based meditating/ quiet 
 Not prayer, but quiet time for meditating?  National education policy.  

 Along with their answering directly some science policy questions otherwise, 
the science would seem to indicate a great public health benefit to children 
learning to meditate and meditating regularly as part of the school day.  
Meditating, as modern public health policy. What is their policy on this 
pressing issue? 

 Are either of them opposed to meditating?

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 Here Are the Questions Scientists Want Our Presidential Candidates to Answer. 
This Should Be Fun.
 Here Are the Questions Scientists Want Our Preside...
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of scientists—56 scientific organizations representing 10 million scient ...

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