This kind of sounds like torture. The next thing you know they will be passing 
a law against meditating in schools. Maybe they should pass a law against doing 
any kind of Kung Fu poses in public too, like they did in China. 

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 Sorry Mike, I won't be writing you in this November...:-) But if I were 
president, I'd sentence the coach to watch every season of, "The Apprentice", 
and, "The Celebrity Apprentice", a hundred times each, including the ones guest 
hosted by Schwarzenegger. No turning the sound down either.
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  The Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or 
prohibiting the free exercise there of;or abridging the freedom of speech or 
press or the right of the people to peaceably assemble yada yada yada.
 If I were president, my justice department would throw everyone of the school 
board members in jail for denying the coach and his players the right to 
express their religious convictions, denying their free speech,and right to 
peaceably assemble.

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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Praying football coach
 Christian football coach loses job after praying at games.  (he first prayed 
for some 15-20 sec after each game right on the 50 yard line; not privately).  
Then, team members joined in.  Coach Joe says it's all voluntary.
 No!  ....when your team members start engaging in group activities, whatever 
that may be (even "God" forbid - gang rapes), there's an incentive resulting 
from peer pressure to participate otherwise risk being shunned.
 I've seen the same phenomenon on real-life prison documentaries.  Prisoners 
sometimes are "encouraged" to pray in special sessions where they hold hands 
and praise God.  OK, fine; but try not attending the prayer group.  Next thing 
you'll get a shank in the gut for being a nonconformist.

 Joe Kennedy, praying high school football coach, sues district to get his job 
 Joe Kennedy, praying high school football coach, sues ...
 A former high school football coach has filed a federal lawsuit against a 
Washington state school district after he lost his job for praying on the 
50-yard li...

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