Yes, it is going to take some extraordinary leadership AND the support of a lot 
of us to pull on making it right.  
 There is a lot of good here and there are a lot of good people in it yet.  The 
core values are good and those are what are driving this and keeping it 

 Certainly a lot of overt damage has been done to the group (TM movement) but 
foundations are yet sound underneath. Preparations to the repairs of the place 
are underway.. It will look and feel noticeably different once ‘the first 
hundred days’ of the new administration here can sail fully underway free of 
the old. The place is in transition awaiting the inauguration. This in fact is 
good news.
JaiGuruYou,  Doug in Fairfield, Iowa   

---In, <> wrote :

 I agree with everything you say, especially about 'repatriation of whole 
classes of alumni refugees.' Repatriation of MUM alumni must be first on 
Hagelin's agenda. 

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Really Beautiful comments and perspective.  About Fairfield, Iowa ostensibly 
one would think so about the facility of the Dome and the meditating community  
but 35 years has been spent separating people from the movement and the 
meditation.  There is a type of spiritual crisis here with the numbers of 
disenfranchised and then unwilling people to meditate under the movement’s 
Domes.  There are yet a lot of meditators here and certainly there are a lot of 
old TM movement meditators who have come and gone.  In this there is now a long 
history of a malaise with the Dome meditation, a hurt and disappointment that 
has become cultural in the meditating community here that retards the numbers 
of people in group meditation up there on campus. 

 This feeling of malaise in communal relationship with the movement becomes the 
particular challenge for the new administration coming into the office of the 
Presidency here.  The President-elect here has not been inaugurated yet and in 
administration is only transitioning, evidently during this most difficult of 
times.  The previous  or outgoing administration has spent 35 years separating 
people from the ™ movement. A communal challenge here is in the the 
repatriation of whole classes of alumni refugees. This new administration 
within ™ takes ahold of the cultural reins here right smack in the middle of 
this climatic period.  

 May All blessings and grace of the Unified Field be upon us now for the work 
in progress at hand, as you say.  Quite evidently it is time for more 
meditation.  -JaiGuruYou   

---In, <olliesedwuz@...> wrote :

 They may not be in the dome, but surely Fairfield, with its endless interest 
in all things spiritual, can pull together to stay on track. Sometimes it seems 
as if there are an awful lot of goldfish there, immersed in water, yet ever 

I liked what Hagelin's announcement said about remaining in silence, unruffled. 
It is not to say being blind to increased tensions, but remaining unmoved, 
absorbing it all, and transforming it into bliss, success, evolution of 
consciousness. Maharishi spoke about that before he passed away - That the 
world can become a tumultuous place, and it continues as our duty to be 
steadfast. Not rigid, but as the flame that does not flicker in a windless 

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Om that we now had here
But one ten thousand of those meditators
That do no work to-day!

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :


 ---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Raja John Hagelin <development@... mailto:development@...>
Date: Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 2:25 PM
Subject: Special Jyotish Alert from the Global Council of Jyotish Experts

 Office of the National Director August 8, 2016
 Special Jyotish Alert
 the Global Council
 of Jyotish Experts 
 Dear Fairfield Sidhas and Governors,
 Maharishi often reminded us that the main purpose of Maharishi Jyotish is to 
see the clouds on the horizon so we may better prepare ourselves for upcoming 
challenges. On rare occasions, our international council of Jyotish experts 
issues a warning of a particularly dangerous time. Such a period is upon us.
 Building throughout this month of August, and culminating in the final 
week—including the solar eclipse on September 1—is a particularly dangerous 
time of deep divisions, strife, and the potential for terrorism and global 
 The October Surprise: A special coherence-creating course in Fairfield
 You may be aware that we are planning a major coherence-creating drive in 
Fairfield and across the nation during the peak of the election season, called 
The October Surprise. That major effort will involve all of us, and will have a 
much-needed unifying and harmonizing effect during the pivotal weeks of our 
election and immediately following.
 But this does not address the critical Jyotish window that lies immediately 
before us. For this, we will redouble our efforts this month to engage a 
powerful, protective National Yagya. But even more important, as Sidhas, we can 
create a powerful protective influence just by joining with other Sidhas in our 
Golden Domes and other community program facilities. We are very fortunate, in 
Fairfield, to have one of the largest creating-coherence groups in the entire 
 And the research continues...
 An ever-expanding body of peer-reviewed, published research shows that group 
practice of the TM-Sidhi® program can profoundly reduce crime and negative 
tendencies across the nation. (The latest, and in some respects most 
remarkable, research on our Fairfield coherence-creating group was published 
just this February.) Let’s take advantage of this remarkable scientific reality 
to bring unity, harmony, and maximum support of Nature to this great country of 
ours—especially at this vulnerable time. 
 While our group practice of the Sidhis is by far the most important thing we 
can do for our community and for our nation, there is more that we can do for 
ourselves and families.
 Suggestions during this delicate time from the Maharishi Jyotishis
 1) Stay rested! Enjoy longer, deeper programs.
 2) Don’t entertain negativity. Don’t get pulled off the Self. Don’t allow 
yourself to be drawn into any potentially divisive conversation. Avoid 
disharmony. Favor the positive. “Speak the Truth which is Sweet.” Keep the 
channels of communication open.
 3) Enjoy nourishing, delicious, easily digestible food, especially leading up 
to the eclipse. (The eclipse won’t be visible in the US, which will mitigate 
its effects some.)
 That’s it!  Let us hope that, by maintaining ourselves in joy and harmony, and 
with the power of large group program and Yagya, we will able to uplift our 
entire nation. We have done it before, time and again.
 Warm regards,
 Raja John
 National Director of Maharishi Foundation USA
 © 2016 Maharishi Foundation USA, a non-profit educational organization. All 
rights reserved.
 Transcendental Meditation®, TM®, and TM-Sidhi® are protected trademarks
 and are used in the U.S. under license or with permission.


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