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 Well, now that you mention it.....

Exactly, that's about how gullible you are and how much proof you need to 
believe this crap.

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 I would say the latter, since it is far worse to be unscrupulous and malicious 
than to be stupid. 

It's all just so much wasted speculation and drivel. I can't even believe 
anyone is taking this seriously; what a worthless distraction. Next, they'll be 
saying Hillary's some alien spawn or is really, underneath her makeup, an 
African American or maybe just African (illegal to boot).

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 I don't know which is worse, the folks who are so stupid they believe this 
crap, or the folks who are too smart to believe it but push it anyway. 



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 No, it's not scary. That's not what she does at all. This 
Hillary-has-brain-problem meme is just sick. No evidence for it whatsoever. 

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 That is a little scary.She just goes blank and suddenly comes back.

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 Handlers "coach" H. mid-speech...

 https://youtu.be/iHh9Ll1iD08?t=12m45s https://youtu.be/iHh9Ll1iD08?t=12m45s







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