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> > From what I gather Paul/Saul distorted Jesus's teaching and 
> presented 
> > the world with the 'religion of suffering' which should rightly 
> > called Paulianity.
> > 
> That's part of what I was implying by referring to Jim's 
> that way. I don't KNOW that Jim's experience is invalid or 
> distorting, but given a choice between insights gained due to pre-
> death experiences with someone and insights gained due to post-
> experiences, I'd go with the former.
> This may be MY problem and not Jim's or Paul/Saul of Tarsus' but 
> what I believe.

Just to be absolutely clear, Lawson, I had an experience of 
Brahmananda Saraswati, after he left this earth. I shared it as 
accurately as I could. There was no attempt, whatsoever, on my part 
to impart Guru Dev's teaching, or my own for that matter. 

If you are more comfortable seeing it as a dream, hallucination, or 
story, that is your choice, just as sharing a special event in my 
life here was my choice.

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