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 It began in earnest when Clinton was elected president, of course, and reached 
back into the '80s to Whitewater. It wasn't (isn't) all that "vast," but it was 
intense and determined to bring down the Clintons. Ever heard of the Arkansas 
Project of Richard Mellon Scaife? 



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 Yes, this *vast right wing conspiracy* began when they were *nobodies* and has 
followed them around ever since.

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   The Clintons are *not* liars, in fact. The "notoriety" is a function of 
decades of lies about them from the right wing.



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 Yes, the Clinton's are very smooth talkers. I think that comes with training 
as lawyers, like knowing what the meaning of *is* is. Splitting legal *hairs* 
in order to deceive.
 Trump isn't a politician, public speaker or lawyer and hasn't developed that 
kind of cunning as an art form.
 The Clinton's are notorious liars.

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   Hillary's brain works right now better than yours ever did, Mike! Have you 
noticed how coherently she speaks on all issues? Complete sentences and 
paragraphs, all well organized and precise. It's very impressive. Not like your 
favored candidate, who is embarrassingly inarticulate. He can barely put a 
sentence together!


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 You know Judy, this declining mental function of hers could come in handy in 
the future, especially when she has to testify about stuff. "Geee that's funny, 
I can't recall!"

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   It's obvious to anyone with a brain. It's obvious to *you*, Mike. But you'd 
rather look stupid in the hope that you can get some *really* stupid people to 
think she did "go blank."




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 Yeah, yeah... that's the ticket! She got distracted!

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   Oh, PLEASE. She's obviously looking at something happening in front of her, 
in the audience, apparently some protesters. You can hear one of them 
shrieking. She's wondering whether she needs to do or say anything about it. 
Then the guy comes up to reassure her that she doesn't need to be concerned, 
security is handling it. But the audience has become distracted, so she calls 
their attention away from the protesters and back to herself. Nothing in the 
least "scary" about it.

 Mike, you're not stupid. You know damn well that's what was going on.



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 That is a little scary.She just goes blank and suddenly comes back.

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 Handlers "coach" H. mid-speech...










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