Here, wouldn't want you to miss your favorite TV show:

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You've been defending the article, toots.

So when are you going to adapt to 2016?

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Didn't say I "swallowed it". I put the article up for discussion and it is getting discussed! Psst! It isn't the 1950s anymore. :-D

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    What utter balderash. Yes, it's good to know what the Russians
    are saying. But it's not at all smart to take their word for
    anything. The article you posted from Sputniknews is absurd on
    its face; anybody who knows anything about polls should be able
    to recognize that. But you swallowed it whole because it was
    pro-Trump and anti-Hillary. You're just the kind of sucker
    they're targeting.

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    OMG! Russian news! The Russia that Bernie and Trump would rather
    talk to than have a war with like Hillary does.  You love the US
    mainstream media because they pander to your beliefs.  So you
    must believe if you suck up to the rich goons who own the US
    media outlets they'll pee some money down on you! :-D

    These days you need to consider all media sources.

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        Oh, and I just noticed, your silly article is from yet
        another Russian source, (run by the Russian

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        Sure has fouled up your mind (not that there was much of it
        to be fouled up). Ollie and I just got done "reacting to"
        this poll. I guess you're not reading anything that doesn't
        confirm what you want to believe, huh?

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        Polls, polls, polls. Let's see how the resident bobble heads

        Disclaimer: I'm not voting for either candidate. This
        election is a
        farce but it is a hoot to watch the dynamics of it and what
        it is doing
        to some people's minds.

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