Vox, I appreciate your enthusiasm and the invite to rally.  I am feeling that 
to leave Fairfield right now would be like abandoning a post in a time of need 
as the Dome meditation numbers have become so diminished.  However this 
initiative to facilitate group meditations would be a great project for the 
cohort of millennials who are going to be going to TM teacher training this 
fall.  A lot of them are trained to check meditations now.  Facilitating group 
meditations should make an excellent initiative for them to have experience 
with. -JaiGuruYou

 vox_9 writes:


 We should still probably go up there, just to check on them, and help calm 
things down. Trying to calm down a riot seems like a good thing to do. The 
problem is, I've got a company to run, so it looks like I won't be able to hit 
the road anytime soon.    

 So, we are continuing to do our program down here, rounding and meditating at 
all the international meditation times. 



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 Yep, no need for those meditators up there in that Wisconsin corridor to wait 
on building Peace Palaces.  Obviously the need is great otherwise, they should 
just move forward organizing group meditations, like in the old days. Just move 
forward to meditate collectively for peace. The word Maharishi used was, 

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 Om for Leadership..

Yep, all those old meditators up there in that area need to find themselves and 
come together.  At this point I don’t feel to withdraw substantial numbers as 
an expeditionary force from here thinning further the ranks of meditators 
assembling here in Fairfield, Iowa to send there and support what they have as 
capability to do for themselves. 
  Maybe deploy some steady meditators from here or meditators from the David 
Lynch Foundation to help advise the local meditators there to get it going, 
sort of like the US will send in advisors to help indigenous groups organize 

 Meditators,  arise and be meditators! 

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 That area, the axis of Madison-Milwaukee-Chicago, was hot with meditators and 
transcendental meditators in the old days.  

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 It would be prudent to have all those meditators there organize open 
‘silence-based’ meditations for themselves right now in their area that they 
all can come to. 

 They should reach out to one another and sit together.  Right now it is quite 
post-modern time also for local practicing meditators to step up to 
concentrating their forces of numbers into the proximity of collective 
meditations. Organize in a collective action of what certainly is within a very 
American tradition of Transcendental meditationism. 


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 In the very early days Walter Koch came to the area there, the axis of 
Madison-MIlwaukee-Chicago, teaching transcending meditation to some vast groups 
of meditators and holding regional meditation retreats.  Quite a bunch of 
meditators then went on to study directly with Maharishi to become TM teachers 
from that. It is a matter now of their finding themselves and concentrating 
themselves. -JaiGuruYou   

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 We should get a coherence group together and go up there to do a group 
meditation. It's not that far to drive up I-35 - maybe I could pick you up on 
the way. However, there is a problem with the weather today, so maybe in a few 
days things will calm down up there. Meanwhile we can do rounding in the dome.

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 The old axis of Milwaukee-Madison-Chicago meditators should come together in 
collective meditation for peace making up there.    Clearly concentrating 
forces of meditators in numbers in proximity is important in mitigating the 
horrible vibrations of incoherence like this.  It is terrible to just standby 
and watch the social chaos unfolding.  Where have all the TM teachers gone who 
were up there?   

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 There is way to much stress and strain in a riot - torching your own 
neighborhood. Black Lies Matter? 

 "...the reaction was overblown and misguided: “Four murdered, 9 shot in 
Milwaukee Fri night/Sat morning. Silence. 1 cop kills an ARMED black guy & 
riots break out?"


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