I first started seeing it several weeks ago; at the time, it was new to me. But 
it's been around for quite some time. 

 No, of course I'm not an "expert" on it, but obviously I read more widely than 
you guys do, so I do know more about it.



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 Same here. The first time I've heard the term used was less than a week ago.

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 I'm sure Judy is an expert on the Alt-Right.  I've never even heard the term 
until Hillary used it.  Infowars refers to itself as "alternative media" which 
also includes a lot of news sites.
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 Hillary followers don't even know what she was talking about:

 Not until she explained it in her speech. It's about time everyone became 
aware of it. But the alt-right's bigoted thinking is so foreign to the decent 
people who support Hillary that it's going to take awhile before folks really 
understand what's going on.

 Yeah we're still waiting for you to understand what is really going on. 
 And neither does HuffPro because Clinton didn't mention White Supremacist 

 You mean "HuffPo." 

 Yup. Just a typo.
 Of course they know what it is. What a silly thing to say!

 Not according to that article.  

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   Trump pleads ignorance as to what it means.












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