Mahesh Yogi formulated a six month course on yoga asanas followed by a second 
course with more advanced postures for use in a one year course. According to 
Maharishi, yoga asanas are "...a reliable practice from the ancient tradition 
of yogis." 


 He recommended yoga asanas as a way to keep the body flexible. According to 
Yogi the advantage of asanas over other types of exercise is that yoga asanas 
do not consume energy. This course was adopted by the International Academy of 
Meditation at Shankaracharya Nagar, Himalayas.

 According to David Gordon White, "It was especially within two tantric
 sects, the Western Transmission and the Yogin Kaula (transmitted by
 Matsyendra) that a practical concomitant to this speculative - and in some
 cases gnoseological or soteriological - metaphysics" came to be elaborated by 
the "Nath Siddhas", numbering 84 by the Siddha tradition, who claim their 
origins in the person and teachings of Matsyendranath.

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