Yep, agreed, once we get out from under our parents' wing, there is no need to 
hitch our star to anybody. Nothing wrong with a meditation technique but it 
won't result in any kind of magic solution, just a smoother ride and a clearer 
view over time. The whole guru or spiritual babysitting phenomenon is a strange 
one, knocking people off their dharma right and left. Why not just explore life 
as it is, and succeed in our dreams, for ourselves and for others?
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 Yep, I would make a shitty TM administrator. The seekers would whine and stomp 
their feet incessantly. Thank God I didn't pursue that career path. :-)

 Heh, If I were in charge I would be much too lenient about what people could 
do and/or not do. I figure grown adults have the privilege of making life 
choices and if they choose to follow the drill and be allowed into the Domes 
then so be it. If they have the need to follow every Tom-ji, Dick-samadhi or 
Tom-bliss they want then so be it too. I, for one, wouldn't last more than an 
hour in FF (I have already created a furor of frothing-at-the-mouth Bernie 
supporters in FF who are on my FB - I'm not sure they have recovered yet) so 
actually being there in person would be a death knell for me. My personal path 
does not lie in following a book or a practice given by a teacher. At the risk 
of sounding really cliched, my preferred path is the one that involves getting 
booted around by what life has to offer. Knowledge and experience is available 
everywhere without me having to read or listen to what other 'gurus' have to 
say. I tried that a couple of times - I realized I prefer the sound of the wind 
and rain.

 On that note, did anyone see "Holy Hell" on CNN? It was fascinating and 
watching these people and their 'teacher' brought back many memories of my own 
experience in a cult. There seems to be about 8 basic similarities in 
personality type when it comes to these Westernized cult leaders. 
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 Ollie, You fall into company with seemingly cold and cheerless TM fanatics 
inside of things who in charge have been making this large assumption asserting 
this comment there in the communal middle of things .. but continuing the 
plunge into the transcendent in the Dome will only lead them to greater 
 It does not follow that:  Once this is clearly explained, it would settle much 
of the issue.

 People do have their own revelatory experience with this.  Evidently much of 
the meditating community here subscribes to some of this comment:  The 
TM-Sidhis are the complete path, and one that leads to all the other knowledge 
that is being offered, in time.  

 If they want to look elsewhere, OK, but..  
 The numbers would indicate that people in experience generally agree with some 
context of these last comments and have voted with their feet against cultural 
things here that have been facilitated by some people possibly who are as 
virginal or dimly experienced as you have written about them.  But their own 
individual experience aside the larger FF communal spiritual experience is 
hostage still to the assertion about sufficiency as you are offering it here.  



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