The right wing has done a magnificent job of brainwashing you, Mike. 




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 Once a liar, always a liar. Hillary is a proven liar, proven to lie to the 
American people by the FBI and she even lies about her lying. How can anyone 
ever trust a thing she says?
 The American people will not elect an irresponsible liar who is *brain 
damaged* and can't remember if she ever had security training or signed a 
 Some people will be voting *for* Trump but most votes cast, will be *against* 
Hillary because she's an irresponsible liar with selective memory loss and 
*brain damage* and is freaking corrupt to the core.

 BTW, Trump up by 2 in CNN poll



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   I am surprised you can write this with a straight face. The Trump guy lies 
constantly, and doesn't care. He flip flops constantly, and doesn't care. He is 
the least accountable candidate who has ever run for president, and doesn't 
care. You know why? He has done *nothing* in the area of government. Some less 
intelligent Republicans are supposedly having a field day with Hillary 
Clinton's record, but that is because *she has one*. Trump is an oaf and 
egomaniac who has done exactly ZERO in the public interest, and has no clue, 
ever. He is divisive, unethical, and an all around sleaze. I will be glad when 
he gets soundly trounced in a couple of months and he can just fade away. What 
a complete mistake he is, a true embarrassment for the country.

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 You have chosen to believe and put your *faith* in a proven LIAR. If she is 
constantly lied about, it's her own karma coming back. Jim Comey's press 
conference and his testimony before Congress, prove she lied to the American 
public in regards to her E-mail situation. And the lies keep coming and getting 
worse! She even lies about her lies.Once you're known as a liar, you'll always 
have that reputation.
 Comey didn't indict her because he couldn't know her *intent*. As Trey Gowdy 
says, "how could he, he never asked her any questions to investigate her 
intent". This could/would have opened up a whole new can of worms with the 
Clinton Foundation.

 Obviously, this was Comey's *way out* of being the one to throw a wrench in 
the American elections. How do you indict, or recommend indictment,  of the 
obvious choice of a political party and not screw up an election?
 Do I believe everything being said *out there* about Hillary? Of course not. A 
lot of it revolves around political hyperbole in a political campaign. But 
Comey has proven to the public that Hillary is a liar and not to be trusted. 
Any negativity coming her way, is her own creation. Being *aware* is a far 
higher spiritual quality! Denial of reality is not.


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 I don't know what "providential immanence" or "fished on the group" means, so 
I can't respond in those terms.

 I have always felt that telling the truth is the most basic and most important 
spiritual value. That's where spirituality *starts*. If you tell malicious lies 
about another person, you have no spiritual credibility whatsoever. Hillary 
Clinton is constantly being lied about--including by several members of this 
supposedly spiritual group--in a bid for political advantage, and I think 
that's disgraceful.



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 Okay so you two are contending with each other on a spiritual Yahoo-Group over 
politics again. What do either of you feel is a spiritual import or 
relationship of providential immanence in this evidently mundane political 
material that was fished on the group and you are contending in this thread? 

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 Yes, I would be very concerned if I fell and got a concussion at her age.  

 Especially if I had been called on the carpet by the FBI to explain why I 
deleted 30,000 email from the public record, without authorization, and I told 
the FBI "I can't recall" forty times in less than one hour trying to explain 
why I had passed classified material to a third party using my Blackberry.

 Right. But none of this happened with Hillary. It's just made up.



 Yes, I'd be very concerned.

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 The NFL is very concerned about players and concussions, but Hillary doesn't 
seem to be concerned,

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 The NFL is very concerned about players who receive multiple concussions and 
aren't treated properly for them. Hillary has had one concussion and was 
treated for it extensively. No parallel here, and the writer knows it.

 although she said she didn't "recall", forty times, during her FBI interview 
and didn't even remember getting security briefings about handling classified 


 How many of these alleged forty times referred to things she was asked about 
that took place prior to her concussion?



 So, how can she be the most qualified, but can't recall important security 
briefings? Can she be both at the same time?


 It's just not all that difficult to operate a Blackberry and keep your email 

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 It is pretty obvious from the primaries and the eight years under Obama, that 
the Republicans collectively would have a tough time running a gas station. 
Just like the Trump campaign if you can call it that, they would rather have 
the Democrats do all the work and gain all the experience, while they sit back 
and complain, and toss out lies about their opposition. It is not a winning 
strategy, but it is all they have.
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 If only Garrison Keillor's radio show was as funny as his opinion commentary 
in the Chicago Tribune! 

 Speaking of Chicago, why is it that most large cities run by Democrats are 
such cesspools of crime and corruption? How long has it been since Chicago had 
a Republican mayor? Go figure.

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 For all of you who have a brain and a smidgeon of discrimination read it and 





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