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 Voting for anyone else other than Trump is a vote for Hillary! What makes you 
think I can't accept it if she's elected? I think she's got a slightly better 
than 50% chance of winning. Doesn't mean I'll support her or her agenda. I 
certainly won't trust her on anything nor will I believe anything she says. 
She's a proven liar and belongs in jail.

 Funny, that's exactly what I think of Trump. He's a pathological liar and 
clinically insane as well.

 Your *school system* is broken, thanks to the teachers unions. "You can't fire 
us! This is *my* J-O-B!"

 I think it's the Muslims and refugees who have caused any problems we have 
with our school systems. Surely you know this.

  Parents should have the right to send their kids to the schools of their 
choice and the tax dollars that support their education should follow them to 
the school of their choice.

 You have a real and irrational fear of *Christianity*. What are you, a 

 I doubt Ollie is a "Christphobe" (interesting made up word there). He seems 
much more phobic of narrow minded holier-than-thou imbeciles who claim they are 
born again and Christ loving. But he, of course, can speak for himself.

  Where would you rather live, in a Christian dominated society or a Muslim 

 Neither. I'm not a fan of any religion because religious zealot tend to be a 
pain in the ass.

 Where ever you live, you are going to be living in a society or culture 
dominated by some religion that influences the values of it.

 Well, that isn't true. Communist countries tend to be a little short on 
"culture dominated by some religion", for example.

  Seems like too many Muslims want to get out of the countries they live in. 
Wonder why. The problem is, that they want to bring the very source of their 
misery with them and spread it to everyone else. 


 Have you eaten your Cheerios today, Mike? Your brain seems a tad foggy. Muslim 
refugees and those seeking a better or different life hardly choose to bring 
the blood and mayhem with them. It isn't about fleeing religion it's more about 
trying to escape bloodthirsty mad men intent on killing people.

 You seem to think that all of the problems in the middle east are Christian 
based, caused by *Christian* countries, interfering  with them, when the fact 
is that European countries have kept Arabs from destroying themselves. As I 
said in an earlier post, most of these countries don't even identify as being 
*christian*. They identify as being *liberal secular* societies.

 I don't even know where to begin with this. Go eat your cereal.

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   I am not saying vote for Hillary, just that you might as well accept reality 
when she is elected. I have several generations of public school teachers in my 
family, so I advocate working within the existing system. I think the voucher 
programs are a crock, and a mask for a radical christian in name only agenda.

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 I'm not going to vote for a crook and a liar. WTF has she ever done? 
Seriously! WTF has she ever done? Everything she touches turns to shit and then 
she lies about her involvement in turning it to shit.

 School vouchers is true freedom of choice. I could care less if it would fund 
religious schools.


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   So support those who are elected, including President Hillary Clinton in 
November. But you won't. There will be excuse after excuse after excuse to 
continue to wage your culture war on the US. None of the religious right wing 
were this hard on Bush, who started two wars and nearly bankrupted the country, 
but he was a rich white guy, who said he "spoke directly to God", so, wink wink 
nudge nudge, eh? 

Do your research on school vouchers, etc. Nothing more than racism disguised as 
"choice", and skewed heavily in favor of Christian in name only schools.

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 States are in charge of their population's education, not the feds.
 School choice is code for going to the school of your choice for you child's 
betterment. It doesn't have to be a religious school although that could be *a* 
 So much for *Pro-Choice*.

  the reality is that you people are fundamentalist dictators, who really don't 
understand the form of government we have here. It is called a democracy

 No, we don't live in a *democracy*. We live in a Constitutional Democratic 
Republic. The founding fathers knew the idiocy of a democracy. Republics 
democratically elect, officers to represent the people and hopefully their best 

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   "School choice" is simply a code word from the racist religious wing nuts to 
stop funding the Department of Education, in favor of private "Christian" 
schools that deny science, in favor of hallucinogenic evangelism. 

No Thank You.

, with no extra points for imaginary conversations with deities.

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 Good reason for school choice.

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 Too many young people face toxic levels of stress and trauma in their lives — 
and attend schools that are breeding grounds of tension and violence. The 
result? An epidemic of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, sleep deprivation, 
and declining academic performance...







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