Wintersun - Sons of winter and stars - Live rehearsal @ Sonic Pump Studios 
 Wintersun - Sons of winter and stars - Live rehearsal @... Wintersun - Sons of winter and 
stars rehearsal from the bonus dvd of their album Time I.
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 This is the mozart of metal...

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 Martin Forest vuosi 
 This is the best Boyband I ever fucking heard!

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 Näytä kaikki 3 vastausta 
 Yanni Nazgûl kuukautta sitten
 +Martin Skoog Same, better than Backstreet boys.

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 Mika Swaginnen kuukautta sitten
 +SingleCrystal Funny you should say that. The part after "I'm wandering now, 
where will you take me..." always reminds me of Fingolfin's arrival in Middle 

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 mohammed alkhaldy 
kuukausi sitten
 it was published in 2012 and yet not reached 1Million views ..... WTF it has 
to be a 50 Million

 Sourayan Sarkar 
kuukausi sitten
 Jari's voice. best ever. Very few there as good as him

 Furkan Bahadır kuukautta sitten 
 Varying time signatures starting at 4:40 give me skin orgasms

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