Yes, I can understand, considering the banning and shunning, why anyone would 
want to post to FFL anonymously using an alias. What are the rules concerning 
revealing a member's identity?   Thanks for the information. 

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 Back in the olden days, when posting limits ruled the land, there was a strict 
rule about using only one identity to post. But, with the posting limits gone, 
and me not giving much of a firetruck what goes on around here, I'm content to 
let it slide. 

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 Doug, the moderator, has apparently used numerous aliases. Is it against the 
rules to post anonymously to FFL? If so, you just set yourself up for at least 
a reprimand. Are you banned from the MUM campus? If so, for what reason?

<salsunshineiniowa@...> wrote :

 Seriously?  This is him too?  How many aliases does that make that he's using 
concurrently?  I count 3: this one, vox and yogi dude.  A record!





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