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 They seemed quite pleased to have been arrested and wanted everyone to know 
about it, but I see no reason that they should be excluded from the dome if 
they want to go. 

 It feels good to stand up publicly for what you believe in. I am a little 
confused as to why this would condemn them in the eyes of the TMO but those who 
went out and took a stand probably aren't the ones who give a hoot whether they 
are allowed in the domes or not. Just a theory.

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 There are some meditators from Fairfield, Iowa here who have
 been arrested out protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

 As representative exponents of reality, is it too late to decertify or at 
least separate from representing the community or the teaching transcending 
meditation someone who was trained and certified directly by Maharishi, even 
for their civil or criminal misconduct?
 What about these community meditators going out and making a spectacle of 
themselves and getting arrested law violating? If they had their meditations 
checked should they be let back in with the collective of the communal group 

 Really?! Those who went, protested and got arrested deserve medals not 
condemnation. Good for them. FF residents (and meditators to boot) doing 
something concrete in this world instead of thinking group meditation will 
solve everything. Finally, something I can respect! Well done all you 
'criminals' and scofflaws out there - more power to you. 



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 This guy is so full of Bull Shit. He's worse than Brian Williams!

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 Amerikan massive collective bad karma?

 Finally Mainstream Media tells the truth about Native Americans 

 Finally Mainstream Media tells the truth about Native Am... 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mqBy8aKBDI Please take a few minutes to share 
this. Here's a petition written by a 13 year old member of the Standing Rock 
Sioux Tribe. https://www.change.org/p/jo-elle...

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